Saturday, March 25, 2006


I have stated in the past that I am very intrigued with anything that has to do with how the brain works. Especially when it has to do with the kids, I don't mean like watching a brain surgery (YUK!) I mean like how the wires are connected up there and what makes us be who we are. How much of all of this is in our genes and a part of where we came from.

One of my favorite things that I read in The Birth Order Book was that the absolute most successful marriages are that of a first born to a baby of the family. Two babies married to each other usually have the issues of budgeting their money, because neither one likes to do that. Two middle children (my husband & I) have difficulty communicating because middle children always tend to be pleasers. They don't like to complain, ruffle feathers, & avoid confrontation whenever they can. Two first borns or only children are most competitive and volatile.
None of these mean that these are the cases for everyone, obviously there are exceptions to the rule, and because I know this about my husband and I , we tend to work hard at the communication part.

It also describes many traits that you will see in your children, Even if your child has a friend or a nemesis that you see no similarity at all the funny thing is they are there. It is a lot of fun to read this book, in fact mine is so old that the pages are yellow. I read it when my kids were 1 and 2 and pick it up every few years to see what has changed.

I will be getting my DNA checked next month and will keep you up on that as well. Another intriguing aspect of life for me.
With this particular test I can only trace back my maternal side but need my bothers to do it for the paternal side. It is quite amazing how that all works. A mother passes her DNA down to all of her children but a father only to his sons. Only men have the Y chromosomes. So this makes me wonder....What DNA does my daughter have passed down to her from my mother-in-law?
My guess is very little, but I really don't know that for a fact.

I hope I haven't bored any of you----- this is just what gets me going. Maybe this is what I will go back to college for, as long as there isn't any math. YUK!

PIES ARE DONE- Wasn't too hard but the dough was thin so I had a few rips that I had to re-do. They are not too pretty, but it's my first time. One blueberry, one cherry, and one peach :)


Anonymous said...

The pies look great. I"m particularly interested in the peach filling ~ if you're willing to share. I've tried one in the past and wasn't too happy with it.

I haven't read anything about birth order, but it does sound interesting to me. Any info on a family with 2 kids. Are they considered the same as an oldest and youngest just like a larger family would be (minus a middle child)? Just curious.

I like your blog. You express yourself in a very thoughtful way.


movin'mom said...

Hello C. and welcome-

Well I should probably say that my pies have homemade crust but we used the extra fruit pie filling from a can. I would love to try homemade pie filling.

Yes a family with 2 are considered to be a first born with a last born. Although it does say that you can only do the birth order line when there are at least 5 years or less between them once you get over the 5 year difference the next child follows the first born traits again. Does that make sense?

Thank you -You are ever so kind!!!

Mega Mom said...

I am going to have to borrow that book b/c I keep hearing so much about it and it interests me. You know we are oldest/youngest marriage, but the funny thing is I'm good with money (he's better) and I'm the volatile one :)) I do believe in that stuff though. So many interesting differences.

I think the DNA blog will be very interesting!

Can you entertain us for Spring Break? We need to do an activity together!

movin'mom said...

I am doing the museum thing one day next week. I'll let you know. Hubby is off work until Tuesday so we are doing the home project stuff until then. But yeah it would be fun.

movin'mom said...

Mega Mom - You are really not a first born /baby marriage because of the 8 year difference between you and your next sibling up, you are really a first born/only child. Sorry :(

Chaotic Mom said...

I am FASCINATED with how the brain works. Especially with my 3 yr. old, has some "issues" of his own.

Anyhoo, I've looked at these kinds of things since high school, I was quite the science geek. I had read research that the thicker the myelin sheath surrounding the neuron, the better the conduction of electrical pulses, the "smarter" the person. This is kind of like insulation on electrical wires, very simple.

Albert Einstein was said to have definitively thicker myelin sheath than the average human being.

My point? I've also read research that the connection between the left and right brain is usually THICKER for females, possibly the reason we women can use both sides of the brain more effectively, in unison?

Two of my three boys are deaf, too. Sure, they're deaf for genetic reasons, but I also believed they didn't listen to me just like every other male in my life.

It is my unscientific opinion that we women who have XX sex chromosomes simply have more genetic material than men who have XY chromosomes. Me thinks that tiny bit of chromosomal material they are missing contains the genes that control listening skills, common sense, you get the idea... ;)

Lisa said...

YOu are right... My hubby and I are both first borns and we both want to "run the show." heehee.

On top of my game said...

Off to the library to get the book. The pies look great!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! The pies look great! GOOD JOB!! I was surprised to see my name mentioned in the blog!! How fun! Has it really been 7 years since I made those pies?? :~
Where does the time go? Happy belated b-day to your hubby!!!
Just read your blog today for the first time in about 2 weeks. I had to catch up. You are doing a great job! Have fun with it!
Your, IL "Cousin"