Thursday, March 09, 2006


No, not that kind of calendar girl, I do not know why I cannot keep dates straight. I know when there are things I have to do but when it comes to actually remembering the function it is usually 2-3 hours after the fact that I have missed my appt.
EVERYONE tells me to get a calendar-SHOCKING NEWS- I have one! (this could very well be why I did not do well in school) I try , I really do but usually January starts off with a bang and then by Valentines day the calendar gets put on the back burner. I usually swoop back in around spring break and then I don't get back to it until the end of the school year. Then it's summer.....but in the summer let's face it everyday will just say go to the pool.
fortunately I have great friends who know this about me and usually will call me and say "Now don't forget, we have that meeting at school tomorrow" or "Now don't forget, Project Runway is on tonight!" I know my friend knows exactly who I am talking about. Then there's my daughter who was NOT born with this negative trait I carry. She is wickedly organized and I am thanking GOD for that! Last round of conferences my husband and I had to be there at 7:30 am : we were on time but a day early (Signature me) @ least I didn't miss it. So one teacher was able to fit us in but we had to go back the next day for my daughters. Well it's that time again, for a week I have been reminding my husband about the 7:30 am and 7:45am conferences, he said I thought you said they were on Friday---NO I told you they were on Thursday! So this morning I woke up at 5:30 am I poured myself a cup of coffee cut my son's hair because he had haircut inspection at school today, jumped in the shower amazed that I still had an hour to get ready- I planted myself on my bed to do my make-up when in walks my daughter-"where are you going?" "uuh- to your conferences!" " NO mom those are tomorrow the 10th today is the 9th!!!
AAGGHH I did it again and whats worse is I actually have it on the calendar!!!!!
For those of you who cannot relate and get frustrated with people like me believe me when I say this is a negative trait and I don't like it either, was I born with it? Is it a gene thing? Am I a creature of habit? Maybe I should get hypnotized! Who knows I just know that I have 2 very organized kids and 2 that hhmmm not so much! I should probably refer to my birth order book maybe that's it!! As for now I will just carry on as calendar girl -
well I am willing to take you Dr. Phil advice so let me have it !!


Mega Mom said...

FlyLady. No Excuses.

TES said...

Okay, how cute are you my disorganized friend!! Don't lose hope...I have to make a to-do list everyday.

movin'mom said...

mega mom- I almost addressed the fly lady in my BLOG before I posted and then changed my mind.......ooooh I wish i had beat you to that one.

tes- you should just add an extra s to that name and I'll start calling you TESS - it's another persona you can take on. My name is hands on mom and I am disorganized !

Anonymous said...

I'm highly organized and always on time, I think my daughter is paranoid about being late because of me. At a recent party I was able to find a particular piece of paper instantly. Anal I guess. I must have a calendar in my head with everyone's schedule. Don't fret, you won't change, but people love that about you.

movin'mom said...


You know it is so funny that I always seem to attract and attach myself to friends who are flippin' organized! What does that say about me? and you? Isn't that funny-Now that I think about it I do not have any friends that suffer the same organization issues that I have......okay well ....maybe one!