Thursday, March 09, 2006

IF YOUR EVER IN.....................

I am going to have a new segment for my BLOG. I was trying to come up with recipes but it is becoming a challenge- I don’t want to just pull something out of a recipe book !

So the new segment will be called:


I have lived in so many places that I thought this would be fun.
Example would be this photo
It’s me in an ANDYTATTOO.COM shirt (compliments of Andy the tattoo artist)
So if you are ever in the DFW area (TEXAS) and interested in getting a tattoo
You gotta try ANDYTATTOO.COM
This is a guy that I went to school with. I know the next question on a lot of your minds is
Do I have a tattoo…………no I do not and I do not ever think I could have one either. Not a big fan of needles and I know there is that little verse in the bible that states that you are not suppose to get a tattoo HOWEVER I have a ton of friends and family who have tattoos and in no way shape or form do I believe that they are not going to get to go to heaven because they have a tattoo. Would I ever let my kids have one? Well…..I hope they would talk to us about it first –I mean at sometime in their lives they do have to make that decision for themselves. But after a chat about it, if they still wanted to do it I would probably take them to my friend Andy. At least I know him and know he puts a lot of weight on sanitation. The funny thing is I actually met Andy as a 7th grader and he already had a huge tattoo on his arm–I remember him coming into choir class (isnÂ’t that funny) and he had just gotten a new tattoo…..This is crazy to think about now for me because I have a 7th grader. WOW that seems like it was yesterday!!!!
I think he does piercing too! To sum up the BLOG for today –For me no tattoos: for others who choose to –who am I to judge it IS beautiful art to many people! (except for maybe a nun on the forearm) that was for ANDY!

Please feel free to give me a
IF YOUÂ’RE EVER IN Â…YOU GOTTA TRYÂ… idea and I will post it to the BLOG
I look forward to hearing all of yours.


Mega Mom said...

If you are ever in Rome you have to go to David Leather (apparently as I learned from a random stranger, there is also a David II). They will give you champagne and let you try on lots of jackets. I suspect that someone from the store trolls the city in search of hot young ladies (yes, that meant me) to come to their store as I've met SEVERAL unrelated people who have been there (who were all hot).

If you are ever in NYC, you must try an H & H Bagel and the real Soup Nazi.

I like this little lady. You really are all-blogger-growsed up!

movin'mom said...

okay I could have use dthe New York ideas back in September ...well at least you gave me Strawberries but thats only because I complimented your sunglasses!!!!
I don't know when I will be in Rome but it would be fun and I will definetly try that -Champagne usually makes me a little queezy but then again I have never had Champagne in Rome!!

Thanks for the ideas keep 'em coming

Mom101 said...

If you are even in Queens, you have to try the Lemon Ice King of Corona. It's probably been discovered now that it's featured in the opening credit montage of King of Queens. But it's just this stand where the guy makes a few dozen italian ices from scratch - amazing! The watermelon flavor has real seeds in it and everything. And then you can walk across the street and watch the little old Italian men play bocce in the town square. It's like a scene out of a movie.

Thanks for the very nice comment at my blog and for showing me the way to yours. FOUR kids? And you still find time to blog? I have a new hero.

Suz said...

Great blog, Found my way here via MegaMom.

I have always wanted a tattoo but too chicken to get one.

Hugs Suz

TESS said...

Okay, so are you like in the 7th grade when that picture was taken? I'm taking you advice and changing my idenitity to TESS. Wow, a whole new persona...does that mean I have to change out of my flannel pants?!

movin'mom said...

Mom101- I love Italian Ice -we found a place in St. Claire Shores, Mi that makes homemade but only lemon-watermelon sounds delicious
and to be able and spit the seeds out too.....heaven! They also have THE BEST iatalian subs.
We actually have a bocce ball set fun fun fun!
With 4 kids yes we have time to blog but the laundry and the dishes miss me terribly!

Welcome Suz ,
I think us chickens are a pretty big group!!
I hear there are some great temporary ones I might try!

On top of my game said...

If your ever in Geneva, IL check out "Movable Feast." Great food, bakery too. My gf CS told me about this place. Its the best! LY