Thursday, March 23, 2006

MY THURSDAY THIRTEEN (this is my first)

Now here's mine:
13 things that describe me

1. I am a mom of four who would love another baby as long as someone left it on my doorstep. (I didn't like gaining weight)

2. I love to COOK and watch my family devour it. NO PICKY EATERS ALLOWED!

3. I am extremely un-organized and yet when I try I am wickedly organized (I can pack a car better than anyone I know)

4. I am offended when someone says something is "fine" weak compliment and "so" don't just dismiss what I said

5. I am a procrastinator yet I yell at my kids when they wait until the last minute

6. I would be a great private eye

7. I can set up a 10 person tent in 15 minutes flat with NO assistance

8. I love to dance to 80's music

9. Laundry is my nemesis just when I get rid of it it stares me down again.

10. I thrive off of the serendipity/ fate moments in life

11. Blogging is helping me cut down on my phone chatting time

12. I have a strong desire to know my heritage (next month I am having a DNA test) my birthday gift to myself

13. I used to think that my husband was my knight in shining armor now I know God is for bringing him into my life.


Mega Mom said...

Do you think we should go into business with this PI thing? We could find people's kids on MySpace and get paid to do it :)

owlhaven said...

Great list!

I did a 13 today too!

Mary, mom to many

Chaotic Mom said...

I am just getting to know you through your blog, and I LOVE what I've read! EVERYTHING!

Can I hook up with you guys on the PI thingy? Trust me, I've dug up dirt on people already...

You are very honest about the procrastinating. I am the SAME WAY.

Oh, boy, I'll have to read more of your blog now. Thanks for stopping in at my T13! ;)

TNChick said...

I sometimes think I'd make a good PI, too. :)

Welcome to T13 - mine's up, too.

WendyWings said...

Welcome to the TT list :)
Mine is up , see if you can guess the right answer although it might be harder for you seeing as you don't know me lol.

Laundry is my nemesis too.

Mama Kelly said...

welcome to Thursday 13-ing -- this week is only my second one