Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I am so excited and doing the happy dance because my Wacom Tablet is arriving today....

For those of you who already have one let me know so that when I have a question I know exactly who to go to.

Did anyone watch DATELINE last night.......YIKES soo scary, especially the 6th grade teacher because I have a 5th grade girl.
What a bunch of idiots driving 100-200 miles and actually thinking they were going to be with a 13 year old girl. I would love to work for that watchdog group and catch those sickos red handed! The amazing part was how many of them saw the previous Dateline and thought that just maybe...this could be a setup....but then still showed up. I took a class through church called Protecting God's children and let me tell you It was scary. We saw films of predators in many forms and also of victims. They were all interviewed. One man was a skating rink DJ...and he actually molested girls in front of everyone but behind the DJ both below the counter. He even said that he did it while seeing the parents across the room. Then there was a Dad who's son had a sleep over but the most surprising one was a girl who needed tutoring and stayed after school so her teacher could help her...Her teacher was a a woman and she molested her everyday after school. The scary part was that each predator said that they had molested hundreds of children BEFORE they were even caught the first time. So I personally did not believe any of those guys last night who said this was their first time to do something like this!!!!


Here are some things that my husband & I do that annoy my children-

me- the countdown to get results-5-4-3-2-1 ( but this gets results)

him- quoting movies and getting it wrong (annoys everyone)

me- quote from MEAN GIRLS "sooooooo...What;s the 4-1-1?" (annoys teens)

him-walking around in his underwear (annoys daughter)

me-being in control of the TIVO pause button (annoys everyone)

him-dancing (annoys daughter)

me-not letting them say negative or mean words

him-calling his daughter "his baby" (annoys daughter)

me-singing in the car (annoys teens)

him- telling them to do something in question form (If you don't mind...Can you empty al the garbage?)

me-checking their friends MYSPACE

him- every time mom's gone he makes the kids clean

These are just a few of the MANY things that annoy our children. We call it parenting! I am sure that our list is longer than theirs. But of course, my oldest (who wants some AIM time) is back peddling now and saying "Well...not really annoying but..." When they want something they become angels don't they?


Nicole said...

I've been thinking about hte whole child predator thing a lot lately. If that ever happened to one of our kids, I know for a fact my husband would find who did it and bludgeon them. There would be not trial, no jail. They'd just be dead and I'd have a husband in prison. Some good news, I heard today that they had the biggest child-predator sting in US history and rounded up 1100 culprits!!! Yeay!

Mega Mom said...

I can not even imagine not knowing about a predator, but it seems so crazily prevalent.

I would never have guessed that V could annoy G so much :))

Lisa said...

I didn't see the Dateline thing. But I wish I would have. Scarey stuff!