Monday, April 10, 2006


Today I am going to write about a cool site I heard about on the radio. Now if you have read my BLOG in the past you will know that I am a HUGE FAN of XM radio and only listen to XM radio. As I got into the car, Saturday I realized that my XM was on preview-this usually means that you subscription has run out.AAAGGGHHH *FYI as I said before XM is an addiction of mine so I am in extreme withdrawal mode! So now I have to wait until my husband calls and renews it!!! So this morning on the way to drop kids I had to listen to a bunch of radio DJ's chit chatting instead of music. Which is why I cannot stand FM radio. HOWEVER, a DJ was talking about a site called
  • My Heritage . Com
    She said that you go there and upload a photo of yourself and it scans your face and tells you which celebrities you look most like. This is not like who you resemble as much as it is bone structure/eyes/nose/chin etc. VERY COOL

    So I go there and of course I am not sure if I agree was my list

    Mischa Barton 66%
    Bonnie Pink 58%
    Woranuch Wongsawan 56%
    Alain Delon 54%
    Naomi Watts 53%
    Melanie Griffith 52%
    Holly Hunter 51%
    Debra Winger 51%
    Carrie Underwood 50%
    Denise Richards 49%

    Now seriously, I used the picture that is on my BLOG site, I do not see a resemblance with me and Mischa or Naomi Watts or Melanie Griffith or Carrie Underwood or Denise Richards but it must be true huh? The fourth person on the list is a man BABY!! NOT A COMPLIMENT! So then I used a different photo of me and the only one that came up again was Naomi Watts, Again no resemblance! Pia Zadora, Jo from the facts of life, lead singer to the 80's band The Jets, Chaka Kahn,are all celebrities that people have told me on a regular basis that I look like, none of which made the list. So then I did my daughter--remember 10 years old--Now her #1 look alike was skinny Janet Jackson
    and then #2 was my Mischa Barton which is my #1. Maybe there is a science to this! ANYWAY it is a hoot go there and tell me who you are!

    Now my dear friend At
  • The Mom Squad
    told her BLOG line of friends that I left her high and dry BUT I did not do it! She also said that if I posted my picture of my table from the progressive dinner it would put hers to shame. So obviously I am not going to post my picture because then it would seem that I am trying to outdo her and I am not like that. Her table was beautiful and if you go there you will see it.

    On top of my game said...

    I'll have to check that out to see who I look like.

    I'm off the blog for awhile, some members of the family did not like being blogged about. I just might have to blog about my life with my dog.

    tess said...

    As I told you last night your table looked great and so does mom squads.

    I don't think you look like any of those people!!! And your daughter is so much prettier than Janet!!

    We switched banks latley and I went in to see what I needed to withdrawl everything from old bank.
    Could not beleive when they did it right then and there, no need for my husband to be there, or his signature!! Sooo, wish me Bon Voyage...I'm taking a deluxe vacation by my self!!

    Mega Mom said...

    If you don't post your pic, I will. I don't consider it oneupmanship. You helped me :)


    I just got a big head. My 73% match was Sally Field, 72% Ashley Judd (I can see S.Field), 71% get this--too funny:
    Natalie Wood
    Catherine Deneuve
    Lucille Ball!!!!
    This is where it gets good:
    Jennifer Aniston
    Heather Locklear (say it isn't so David Spade)
    Christy Turlington and Olivia Newton John.


    Kvetch Blogger said...

    Your friend has a beautifully set table! Looks like that was a lot of fun. :-)

    rhonda said...

    I did that thing with the picture too, so funny!

    Chaotic Mom said...

    I tried it, that's it. NOW I'm motivated to loose some weight! I'm not even going to tell you who it said I looked like... GRRRR! >;)

    Chaotic Mom said...

    Okay, I ran a better picture. I like all of the matches, except Justin Timberlake. Uh, not seeing that one...

    Otherwise we have: Neve Campbell, Kristin Kreuk, Sally Field, Alicia Silverstone, Katie Holmes, Selma Blair, Isabella Rossillini, Katherine Hepburn and Lindsey Lohan.

    I really don't think I look like these great ladies, but I think the program was matching the smiles and eyes more than anything...