Tuesday, April 25, 2006


...I am not! However I have a huge love for music. I have worked very hard to instill this in my children. From the time they were born I have always played music from the time we wake up until the time they go to bed. I will even leave the music on for my dog when I leave for the day.
As corny as it sounds I feel that music nourishes the soul. People always say to me that my children are always smiling. I think that trying to wake them up in the morning by singing & dancing helps to make the grump's go away. Even when they do their homework I will have music playing in the background. My two creative children get writers block unless they have it playing. My oldest has his shrieking rock music blasting through his headphones when he does his homework. My youngest has the voice of an opera singer and he mimics the cell phone commercial when the guy sings 7 PMmmmmmmmmmmm.....
(i guess you had to see it)
I am really excited to hear that my niece that was born a year ago has also acquired the love of music, When I call her on the phone I always do the lalalala lalalala elmos world....except I put her name in place of elmos.....I will sing it over and over and the last time when I stopped she started screaming (which of course I loved) because you know my kids scream when I do sing not when I stop. so as soon as I started again she stopped screaming.

Cleaning- We BLARE the music when we are cleaning and it is so much a part of our family that my kids will even say when they hear a new song "hey this would be good for cleaning" So to any of you who have the quite house- BLARE you music- try it.... be silly with your kids although I do not allow them to jump on the beds or the furniture we do dance all over the house!!

**** sidenote**** the reason we do not allow them to do the jumping on furniture or beds is because I found it to be to confusing to young ones that you can do that here but not at someone else's house. What a nightmare to be a guest in someone else's home and all of a sudden my kids would jump on their sofas, or even worse put their feet up on their furniture.

You always follow your family rules even when at someone else's home.
If their parent says to you that it is okay to jump on furniture you still say no thank you-


Chaotic Mom said...

WHAT? You're getting a Wacom tablet? I am SO JEALOUS! Which one did you order? What programs will you be using it with?


tess said...

Love blasting the music and singing along! I have to watch in the summer though. I got applause from my neighbors after a song ended. Yikes!!

I'm right there with you about rules. What goes at home goes everywhere.

Mega Mom said...

What the heck is wacom?

I LOVE dancing with my kids, but we don't have a stereo anymore. I miss it. Must look into it!

movin'mom said...

Wacom is a tablet for the computer, I'd like to tell you about it Mega Mom but I would much rather show you.