Thursday, June 29, 2006

May the therapy continue....

The goal is I am suppose to be able to vent here and then be a healthier minded person...Right???

So far our process was to drive to Wisconsin look around and explore with the kids just for fun. Then go back a few days later without kids and look for a home with an agent.

Day 1= with kids- My husband & I love one area -kids love another.
As adults all we want is a great school, However, once we first arrived we pulled into a gas station the woman working was very friendly and made lots of small chit chat. When we were asking her about areas, she stated that we should be careful with the one area in particular because they had some race related issues in their high schools this year. I gotta worry about this! My two older boys were born in Tennessee and that was very common there, especially near Mississippi & Arkansas. Who would think that in Wisconsin? Is it a wooded area thing? ANYWAY- my kids took it all in stride and made a couple of funnies about it

Our realtors informed us that in our price range and for the size of home we want there are 350 home for sale. Very happy to hear that is is a buyers market.

DAY 2 with realtor #1- We saw about 15 homes in the area that we wanted, cute shopping area, nice waterfront area but then she said, now lets go to the first home.......we drove out into the cornfields and every home would require a bus ride to school. We want the kids to be able to walk to school.

DAY3 with realtor #2- We saw about 16 homes with her and LOVED home #1. It is about a mile to the lake a couple of miles to the pool, and 2 of the kids can walk to school the other 2 have to be driven but the neighborhood is established with huge trees. Everything we are looking for.

Get home make an offer.......we wait........last night we find out that there is a second offer. :(
so we are now at a point of going back and forth twice.
I am aggravated to say the least

I look forward to seeing a sold sign on the home because our family has won the bidding war!

:) Keep those positive vibes coming! :)

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