Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Little crushes, with childhood friends.

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I have a daughter who is 10 1/2 years old. She will be going into jr. high in the fall. Because we lived in Michigan when she started kindergarten she was actually 4 of course 5 weeks later she turned 5. Now in Illinois, she is a young one compared to her friends. So as this year nears an end, and elementary nears an end, the pre- teen traits are starting to show.

Now most of her friends are all going through the "who do you like?" stage. This is normal. Even if they said so and so is my boyfriend or girlfriend it really is nothing more than a title. They don't go anywhere together, they don't even talk on the phone. It's all about the TITLE!

So we come home the other day to find approx. 10-12 calls from a 5th grade boy on the caller id. No message just a habitual caller. One of those calls, my second born son A (13 yrs old) answered. He thought nothing of the call or even giving my daughter the message until my daughter said,

"I know, he's been calling ALL DAY, he said that he likes me"

son's reply:


Next thing we know he is on the couch with the phone dialing this boys #. We of course thought he was kidding and my husband was in tears he was laughing so hard. My son says:

"Is so & so there?"

"Uh yeah, this is so & so's brother, I see that you called my sister quite a few times... what was that all about...Did you have a question about homework or something....or is it that you like my sister...cuz I know that I only call girls when like them...Is that it....do you like my sister.....you don't like my sister do you?"

cut to dial tone.........


"he hung up on me!!!"

The saga continues on the next day when my daughter got to school and said boy tells her:

"yeah why don't you tell your brother to call me back"

So a few days go by and we come home from the pool one day to find numerous calls once again from 5th grade boy
(15 to be exact!)
But this time there's a message.....

(In a middle eastern accent)
Uh yes I am calling for A....why did you call me....it goes on and on ....

a couple of more days ,daughter comes home again and says ,"he wants you to call him back."

So what does my 13 year old do?.....he calls him back.....but no ones home. So he leaves a message.

Perhaps I should clarify that the Peter Brady voice change has already gone into effect with both of my sons
and they both have a deep voice.

So of course 5th grade boys mom comes home to the message and calls my son to find out what he would need to do with her son. My son goes completely submissive and it's all, yeah ...uh huh....yeah.....okay ....bye!

So I pick up the phone to call back and explain the whole thing because it was all done in humor on both parts.....and thinking how concerned I would be if I heard a man's voice calling one of my children. She took the phone off the hook!
I called from 6pm all the way to 9:30 pm.....and got a busy signal.

My son responded to my daughter with "You think thats bad .....just wait until you actually do have a real boyfriend"

My oldest said, "I prefer to deal with these situations in person" Especially since she will not be dating until she's 30 years old.

My daughter said ," He doesn't even like me anymore, he likes J now!"

Well of course...because they are in the 5th grade!

I had two brothers growing up but they never really bothered either way with who I saw or dated. I don't know if I'm glad that my daughter has her own two little body guards or if I feel sorry for her future boyfriends. Either way I guess we have another 20 years to worry about that.......


tess said...

So it begins! I know your son's and am not surprised that they would concern themselves with this.

They care....How GREAT IS THAT!!!

Nicole said...

That is hilarious.

My husband was the same way with his sister. One time her date stood her up and when he finally showed up a few hours late, my husband chased him off with a shovel. His sister was grateful...

Kvetch said...

My daughter is also almost 11 and going into Junior High in the Fall. Ditto on all counts with the boy stuff! She asked me when she could have a boyfriend and I said, "College." To which she just rolled her eyes!