Thursday, August 24, 2006



Are you sick of my countdown posts yet? Because my movers start packing us up in 3 days.
Count with me now...3 DAYS




We were not going to go back because the kids would have to say goodbye all over again, and would probably just get i the way with the packing.

Then the moving company called and said that they cannot pack up our stuff that is in storage because the positioning of the gate and our storage will not allow a 75 foot truck to pull in and out.

This is really starting to tick me off.

So off we go to pack it all up and stick it in our garage for the movers. The ONLY plus and I mean ONLY is that my hub and I will be able to weed out all of the guck we don't really need but just didn't have time to purge before we left.

I am sure that the kids think that this will be social hour for them but it will not because I am going to take advantage of the two boys in my house who keep telling me how strong and muscular & cut they are. We're going to put those "guns" as they put it to a test!

Then next week.........

awww furniture.

I have started painting.......I told the kids that I am going to name my dining room Augustus Gloop after the Willie Wonka movie because I painted it a couple of shades of chocolate brown.......

They said, "Why can't we just call it a dining room like everybody else?"

BECAUSE WE"RE NOT EVERYBODY ELSE......DANG IT! said the mom in a calm and patient voice!

New fridge and stove on Friday because the buyers of our home wanted EVERYTHING

including the kitchen sink..

just kidding...that came with the house.

We already went out and got a new washer and dryer///because they wanted ours.

Oh yeah did I mention they wanted the basketball hoop? My hub gave it to them. I was like,"hellooooo, we have 3 boys....what are they going to use?" Husband responds with, "They're a couple hundred bucks we'll just get another one!

I'm not seeing that happen. Nothing is ever "just" a couple of hundred bucks.

I am holding out for an Ibook.

He said I could get one once the house deal was done! Now that will be a post to post. I hear they come Blogger ready!


Nicole said...

My sister just moved up from Austin to Colorado a couple of weeks ago and her movers were a whole week late bringing here stuff! She had to sleep on an air mattress and buy new clothes to start her new job in!

Good luck with your trip..

movin'mom said...

Nicole...I know you are liking Colorado now but come could anyone LEAVE Austin!

hands down my ultimate place to live!

good luck to your sister and enjoy having her near you!!