Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Out of respect to my fellow "Wisconsinites" I feel the need to explain my
venting with the trials and tribulations of our new home.

To be fair, I should probably throw some of the positive stories out there to balance
what might be construed as negativity.

After all it is my natural born "Birth Order" trait to be optimistic, hopeful, positive
& proving that yes, the glass IS half full. The curse of the middle child. Always worried that I have
somehow hurt someone's feelings, left someone out, or even worse...taken the last piece of cake.
Not to ruffle any feathers, avoid confrontation at all costs, and be the "bigger person."

This is why I somehow managed to get out of the "diner experience" Friday night, without having to say a word to the waitress.
I have heard that I am the absolute worst kind of customer. The one that doesn't complain. A complaining customer actually helps to improve a business, how else would they know what's wrong? People like me actually will not complain, even if my food was cold, burnt or ordered incorrectly. (raw is where I draw the line) I will just eat it. BUT...I probably will never go back.
The owner/management will never even know I had a problem.

While mishaps in our new state of Wisconsin, allow me to type crazily, while feeling as if I have just vented to a therapist.
My middle child traits come flooding out with feelings that for every negative there must be a positive. This is actually a family rule in our home, that I "the middle child" created. (FYI- my hubby is also a middle child) Having teenagers in the house, especially boys, there is a lot of teasing that goes on. I won't allow them to be mean and/or to use any cheap shots that may stem from their insecurities. HOWEVER, if they start in on each other, I will usually let them unleash for a while.
Then to end it my rule is that they have to say something positive about the other to balance the negativity. It always ends in laughing because compliments between teenage brothers is only done in humor.

So, since I have not typed anything positive about Wisconsin, which may or may not offend the locals or fellow Wisconsin natives who I blog with, I will somehow seek out the silver lining.

I have yet to meet anyone (not an exaggeration) that has not been nice. I don't know what it is that allows everyone here to be so relaxed and laid back. All of you big city readers know what I mean when I say that there are times that you get those people and for me I mean women that will look at you up and down or snooty as if to be offended that you are breathing the same air. Even in some dept. stores where someone may not ask you if they can help you and then ask the next person who walk in. But here, I haven't passed one single person, adult or teenager that hasn't just given the friendliest smile followed with a hello or a how are you today?

There isn't any traffic, or horn honking, or speeding or even passing me on the road because I am actually driving the speed limit. There's no one in the school parking lot screaming at you because you picked your child up on the wrong side of the street.

Everyone just seems so happy, relaxed and content with their lives. It's not about what your wearing, or what kind of car you drive or even how smart you kid is compared to mine. It's just about living your life and being happy.

I am happy to be here. Wisconsin is beautiful. But for every positive I know that in the winter there will be the negative!

Now if I could just find a great chopped salad my life would be bliss.


tess said...

You are definitely a half full kind of person. I'm sure that salad is out there somewhere. Keep the faith!!

Mayberry said...

I'm not really a Wisconsinite but I am glad you have found some good stuff!

On top of my game said...

Would iceberg lettuce be okay in the chopped salad?

Mega Mom said...

OK, but how about the friends/neighbors dept. Anything like here?

The Kept Woman said...

You should never feel the needt o explain yourself on your own blog but that was nice that you said kind things about Wisconsin.

Someday I hope to be as big a person you are...for now I'm still whining and bi^%ing. :)

And RE: the winter...ummmm...lots of warm socks, hot chocolate and I STRONGLY suggest those lightbulbs that give off natural light...seriously...they will keep you from going insane on Day 9 of seeing no sun.