Thursday, October 19, 2006


I have stepped out of my BLOG office for a few days to entertain my in-laws who are visiting from Texas, attend a 2nd grade field trip into the woods, on a farm on a wet cold day, and to just kind of rejuvenate my creative juices.

I believe I have approx. 113 posts thus far and can honestly say that I have enjoyed perhaps 20 of those. (I just pulled that number right out of my head, there was no real science to it)

The other amount left over (I don't do math) was really a lot of just "filling in" Perhaps you might be thinking that this is one of "those."...who knows...maybe it is.

So many things have happened that were really very cool over the last couple of weeks that on a good day would inspire me to type and/or take pictures. But I still haven't fixed my photo software so downloading pics that go no where seems a bit sensless. writing without a visual aid seems a bit boring. But the cool things are there, for example:

My adorable niece started walking.
My eldest went to homecoming.
My 2nd born was given an award in football and made the captain of the last game.
Our two middle children got cell phones.
Mom-101 is PREGNANT! (very cool)
I flunked my going to the gym test.
My new very cool gas oven was delivered.
I will be ordering my new laptop next week. (that ought to spark my creativity)
My house is clean.

So I sit here thinking.....Thank God I don't do this for a living, I would probably go hungry.
I am getting around to reading some of you guys though. LOVE IT, and will try and comment soon.


tess said...

Glad your back!! B did the Homecoming thing too. Even danced...can you believe it?!!

Mega Mom said...

I'm glad to hear all of the news. I really miss you. When we talk about babysitters, Tommy still talks about N.

When are you coming for a visit. Must be soon, right?

Chaotic Mom said...

Dang. I need to challenge myself like that, too.

Liking your new place, I guess! ;)