Saturday, January 20, 2007


Does anyone else out there have anyone that visits their blog on a regular basis and yet NEVER comments?

I'm not talking about a mom or a grandma or even a distant aunt that just wants to catch up on your life.

I am talking about someone who visits regularly and YET NEVER don't know who they are and you don't know anyone who even remotely lives near their geographical area.

Is this normal? Is it normal that it kinda bugs me that I don't know who they are? Not that I know all of you out there but there is that ping pong thing that happens in comments (which I have been very bad at my ping and my pong lately) that allows you to at least pretend to halfway know someone.

I don't's my pondering thought for the day!


Mom101 said...

Once in a while I'll get an email from someone who tells me they've been reading every day for like months. Or I'll run into an old friend who I guess I cc'd on the "dur, I have a blog now!" email I sent out to friends and who knew--they've been reading from the get-go.

I guess I don't see it as stalkery, so much as part of the fact that not everyone is a commenter in life. Some people are just observers, readers, watchers. How nice that you attract people comfortable enough to just read what you have to say every day.

What's a ping pong thing?

movin'mom said...

I was referring to a back and forth of reading and commenting on fabulous posts.

Normally when I comment on someone's site...(PING)
they always seem to come back and read mine , comment (PONG)

Elizabeth said...

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L.A. Daddy said...

Okay, this is my first time here but you've got me so paranoid that I'll comment and say hello.


Now you know someone in the greater Los Angeles area... in case you didn't already...