Sunday, February 18, 2007

sing...sing a song...sing out loud...sing out strong

For Valentines Day Movin' dad got me a gift certificate to a spa,

Spanglish (DVD)

and a hot pink ipod shuffle.

I am not a singer...but as God is my witness...every time I put those earphones in my ears
I cannot help myself! I sing out loud and I sing out strong.

Now tonight I was going through the top 50 widget downloads and what to my surprise should appear?

An ITunes lyrics widget!!! Are you kidding me? Now when I am listening to my ITunes playlist I have actual
lyrics to wail out.

The right words??? kids will stop laughing. I often have lyric faux pas.

Let me just throw this out there

I love my guy
he's a great guy
he bought me this IPod
knowing full well that it
would promote my singing
and he knows that I have zero
singing skills.

What did I get him, you ask?

The DVD "The Departed"
and a huge George Foreman Grill
Which is what he wanted!

I have come across so many people who cannot stand
the whole Valentines Day if it was a made up holiday
But seriously...
You show your love daily to your love
and on a holiday...real or just show your love....right?
Can't wait for St Patrick's Day....oh wait next is Fat Tuesday and then Presidents Day


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