Monday, March 19, 2007

I don't even know if this is normal for Mayberry

All I have told family and friends about life in Mayberry is looked upon with much disbelief.

The idea that life could be lived so differently only a few hours away from a big city is beyond reality.

The clincher for Movin dad and I has to be the sales force. Since we moved here in August, we have made many large purchases which one might imagine in a new home. ( to us) We needed a new fridge, washer/dryer, microwave, stove, room size rug, etc...

Each time we have shopped around trying to find the best deal. We decided that we wanted to go stainless steel in the kitchen. Every store we went to, each salesman who helped us, had one thing in common. It went pretty much like this:

Salesguy: "If there's anything I can help you with my name is "Mike" just let me know"

US: "We would like this fridge in stainless" (easy sale, easy commission, just take our credit card right?)

Salesguy: " know the stainless is kind of expensive...actually $200 more than the identical black one!"

Us: "Yes, we know but we want stainless"


Then we hire a painter to paint the kitchen, sunroom, entryway, and dining room. He hands us his quote which is shocking how he can even make a profit. He tells us that this is labor, paint and brushes etc... He follows with the fact that he stands true to his quote and if he runs out of paint then thats his fault and he will eat the loss. While here he painted an extra wall for me and fixed a cabinet drawer at no extra charge.


Every time we order pizza from Dominos we have to get at least 3-4 large to feed our family of 6. My boys alone could eat an entire large by themselves.

I kid you not this is the conversation every-time:

Dominos: Dominos Pizza Could you hold please? (that happens every time)

Me:We'd like 4 large pizza's, 1-cheese, 1-black olive, 1-pepporoni & 1 sausage

Dominos: "Okay let's see that's going to be 58 dollars...hold on let's see what I can do to get that price down... (hearing calculator punches in the background) Okay, I have it down to 38 that okay?"

Me: (utter shock every single time I call!)

This is the latest:

Movin' dads birthday is next week. He wants to get back into biking again. So everyday he goes online shopping brands, colors, deals....he wants to make a good decision. The one he has, was given to him and he seems to get a pain in his back because we think it just isn't the right size. So he narrows it down between 2. He goes to the bike shop and tells the guy his situation. He tells him that the other bike is at his competitors store. Now realize this is a $1000. bike and would probably be a huge commission for him. Movin' dad says he doesn't want to buy it and then get home and have back pain again. The guy said for your body frame, you really gotta go with the other one.


We're just not used to all this honesty, isn't that sad? Every where we have ever lived, we have seemed to run into people who are very sales savvy, and out for number one...themselves. It is such a nice way of life to be in contact with people who treat you how they would want to be treated.

I am going to enjoy it for now because I know that when we move again, we will probably be in another big city and the spirit of the competitive salesman will be not only pushing for the stainless fridge but trying to make us understand why we need a subzero!


PrDyMommy (michelle) said...

Yes, I have to say - just enjoy it! Sounds COMPLETELY unbelievable living here my whole life. The pizza deal kills me!

Mayberry said...

Another thing that amazes me is that every store has a play area for little kids, or at least a box of toys. Soooo nice.