Tuesday, March 13, 2007

To make a long story short....

As if...

After commenting on LA Daddy about how we were able to accomplish zero jealousy in our home when bringing babies home from the hospital, HE suggested that I write about it.But maybe what he really meant was in my diary! Originally I thought that bringing up a story from way back when, needed a setting :) Okay so it became a novel.

It seemed a bit quirky for me to type about my kids as babies and toddlers because it seemed a lifetime ago.
Although the majority of reading I do through all of your blogs seem to be about toddlers and babies, I have always written in the present. Teens and preteens and all that is involved.

It kind of turned into a ride on a runaway horse. It created a life of it's own. Perhaps what LA Daddy should have challenged me with was to put my story in 25 words or less. Could I do it and still explain the ways of making sure our toddlers didn't ask the baby to go back?

Even mom thought I gave too many details about the births. At least I didn't add any images! :)

Well....now it's out there!

Perhaps it will be a good bathroom read, maybe even a way to pass time while in labor, how about a bedtime story to your kids?

* I have been having trouble with upload on you tube and google video....is it me or has anyone else?

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L.A. Daddy said...

Eh, it's all good. Sometimes details make it real for the reader and help you remember it all. Thanks again for taking the time!