Monday, April 23, 2007

My Day at the Spa

There were a few photos had a little too much leg, the other...let's just say it wasn't my best side.

The overall experience was relaxing, which is why we go to the spa...right? RIGHT!

I'm not the type of person that does this spa thing on a regular basis, but have had the opportunity many times over the last few years. Each time Movin' dad won a contest at work, we were off to a resort. Each time he & his team hosted we were able to partake as well. Normally you receive a card that offers a list of choices, anything from spa services to golfing, to a bus over to the outlets, Disney, and even just to lay by the pool (or is it lie by the pool) I'm sure you get the visual. I always chose spa...its a no brainer. Movin' Dad doesn't even have to call and ask, just signs me right up.

Remember in my past career, before I became "Mommy" I was in a salon. Again, it's there for you whenever you can get in (usually during downtime)

Spa experiences just seem to have fallen in my lap. I don't remember ever paying for it. Other than Movin' Dad purchasing it as a gift for me.

Hands down, the BEST experience for me has to be the Ritz-Carlton Resort in Orlando. I thought that perhaps they would have lost their spot when I went to The Peninsula in Chicago, it is THE nicest hotel I've ever been to. BUt the Ritz kept their spot.

Now, living in might expect my spa experience to be...questionable perhaps?

It started out with a facial. A facial that was a bit confusing. She spent the majority of the time in the area I will call the "nest" area. Right below my neck yet above my chest. Seriously...a one hour facial and 45 minutes were spent on the nest area. She did relax my traps and arms and hands but very little time was spent on my actual face.
F-A-C-I-A-L = Face, right?

Next, we went into the massage room. Different girl. She seemed as if she could hurt me. But I told her my main reason for being there was for relaxation. She started out by saying that she wanted to do a sensory thing. She held 3 jars up to my nose, and then asked me to choose the one I liked best. I was a little stuffy so I could not smell a thing. I just picked the first one and hoped and prayed it was a good one. She said in her whispering voice, "that was the tangerine." That hour flew by. But before it had flown the coop, it came to a screeching moment for me when she asked that question...that no other masseuse had ever asked me.
"Would you like me to do your glutes?" I can honestly say...this was a first for me.

Then came the mani/pedi part. She was fabulous. I enjoyed our conversation, and she filed my nails exactly the way I like them. It'll last a week or so then, they will go back to chipped up non-filed nails.

All in all is was nice, I guess as nice as a day spa in Mayberry can be. It will forever go down in my history book as the spa that asked about my glutes!!!!


Mom101 said...

Fellow spa whore here sighing and wishing I was there with you. I'd even allow photos showing too much leg. Although these days, all skin is too much.

tess said...

OK, now you can't tell me THAT did not make you laugh!!! Do your Glutes!! LOL

Wendy said...

I had my best ever pedi in Mexico. I didn't get anything else done because they were so booked up but hands down the best ever. Didn't hurt that I was poolside sipping a Miami Vice either!

The Kept Woman said...

(whispering...I've been to a spa on a cruise ship and that's it...I'm underprivleged I tell you...)

Sounds delightful dear!

tommiea said...

sounds wonderful!! If you ever get a chance to do "raindrop therapy" jump at it! You will forever be searching the spa menu for one....

So did you do your glutes?

Arlene said...

I always go to the same place for my massages, and they already know I like my glutes rubbed and loved :-)
I've only had one facial, and it was at a place I'd never been to before. It was the most horrible experience of my life, and I don't think I'll ever try another one :-(

movin'mom said...

mom101- I bet even with you being 8 months...I have more skin to show...that's just sad!

tess- I so didn't laugh

wendy- what's a miami vice?

TKW- Isn't the whole part of being a "Kept Woman" to have the ability to go to spas???

tommiea- I gotta look into raindrop therapy, I am laughing that your the first to ask.
But yes I did! One side hurt but she said she had to do both.

arlene-dont give up on facials....there are great ones out there.

L.A. Daddy said...

I've done the spa thing. Never had a massage. I suppose I'm due for it - I've earned it!

Now, I just have to find one who will do my glutes!

Nicole said...

I've only had one massage in my life and I was 8 months pregnant so it kind of sucked. They had this do-nut shaped pillow for me to put my belly in but it was not even close to big enough. The the whole time I was lying there I could feel the baby squirming and was worried I was crushing him. He turned out fine anyway :-0

I may have to get the spa treatment for mom's day after reading your spa story!!!