Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The Kept Woman Wild Card Wednesday once again
Caller ID
Does this even need an explanation? I know exactly who this is because, they call all. of. the. time.

It is one of those calls where they say they've got great news...you've just won a satellite TV system blah blah blah!
(I never really get past that part)

I have to give them some credit though...at least they pre-warned me NOT TO ANSWER THE PHONE!

Before anyone says it....I know I need to recharge the phone.

Tonight we spent an hour discussing our spring break. What to do...where to go....who can accommodate...why each one wanted to go to their choice...and when we would leave and come home. Each child had their own agenda. We are keeping it to a 2-6 hour drive no matter where we decide to go. So my 14 year olds thoughts were to spend the majority of the week with his friends. Then he followed that comment with...

"But I am only ONE man and we are a family so we have to all decide."

Laughter is always great medicine when everyone is fighting for their voice to be heard.
Yes, the photo is bad quality...but it's late....everyone is asleep I took it with the kitchen light off. None of that matters...all that matters is that all of my Boursin cheese lovers will love this product. I found it this weekend at Trader Joes. No we do not have a Trader Joes here and this is very upsetting to our family. But we can drive an hour and a half away to find one. They are little itty bitty boursin bites. I put them on my salad!!! YUM-O


me said...

we don't even get spring break, but my kid's last day of school is May 30, so I take the good with the bad. Vacation planning ...GOOD LUCK with THAT. Rest easy knowing, no matter what you decide, someone will be po'd.

Jana said...

It certainly is kind of them to warn you not to answer.

I played too!

aka_Meritt said...

I suggested a Spring break trip this year and my 14 year old son said; But I want to hang out with my friends that week!


Maybe it's a 14 year old son thing. LOL.

(We didn't go anywhere or do anything... no funds to as it was my first week 'off' after quitting my job!)

Wendy said...

I hate those calls! I'm getting one as I write this! They call me all day. Drives me nuts!

I played.

Mayberry said...

"I'm only one man" -- that is awesome. Also awesome are clearly those boursin toppers -- i am drooling.

tommiea said...

I wish my phone would say that!

The Kept Woman said...

LOL at your son's comment!

I totally recommend the Wisconsin Dells for a getaway. I'd never been before yesterday (to a park there anyway, we did the outlet malls ealier this winter) and I think it's great for all ages...there are some huge water slides for the older ones and and itty bitty ones for the itty bitty kids.

P.S. I'm in love with your Caller ID telling you not to answer the call...I wish mine was so considerate.

Arlene said...

That caller ID is great!! Cracks me up!
I've never heard of that kind of cheese. Going to have to try it!
Your son is hilarious! Did you guys come to a decision?
Oh yeah, and I played too :-)

movin'mom said...

Okay wild card wednesday turned into a complete dorkorama moment for me , when my daughter saw my post from across the room and said, "You know I typed "Don't Answer" into the caller id so that if someone was upstairs, they would know not to answer the phone. Here I thought...the actual tele-marketer had a strategy.