Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tonight is it!!!

Finally, all roads lead to finale's!

Well technically I guess Wednesday night is the end of American Idol. But last night my choice of Tessa won out the Bachelor's heart. From what I hear she had already let the cat out of the bag to a reporter.
But I didn't see that. I liked her from the second or so show.
Tonight is also the Dancing with the Stars finale, my vote from day one has been Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson. Although, Apollo is a great talented dancer Joey has such charisma, he's got to win.

I would have to say as far as Idol goes. I love them both but my hopes are on Jordyn.

Brothers and Sisters finale was magnificent. I loved how when the show began the father died from falling in the pool having a heart attack. The finale was the entire family jumping in to the pool together clothing on. It was such a tear jerker when Justin left for Iraq!!!

Well this sums up my next two days of tv and then I'm done. NO more new shows for me. Until Wednesday the 30th. Traveler begins and I have to say after seeing the preview, I am hooked. You guys gotta watch this show.


On top of my game said...

So, glad it was Bevin, how did #1 take the news? I think they need me to help edit that show, its so predictable.

Loved, loved, loved B & S. What's with all the gay activity, now Saul and Milo?????


tess said...

Is Traveler going to be on all summer?

tess said...

Hey, I know this has nothing to do with your blog, but is the Pretenders song you were thinking of Don't Get Me Wrong?

tommiea said...

I am just now watching the recap thingy....it was on while I was putting the kids to bed.

I love love love Tessa! I just don't think Bevin fit with his lifestyle.

me said...

(hanging head) I feel so inadequate, all I watch is Sopranos (grudgingly at this point, but I've got to see how it ends) and Big Love starts in a couple weeks. WHich is a great show if you haven't watched it yet

Wendy said...

I was for Apollo from the beginning. I like Joey but Apollo impressed me more because he had had no dance training going into the show where Joey had. I'm with you on Jordin though. Love her.

I loved the way Brother's and Sisters ended in the pool after they way it began too. I just love that show period. Good thing So You Think You Can Dance starts Thursday or I wouldn't know what to do with myself this summer.