Monday, July 30, 2007


We were on an Arkansas vacation this last week. Some very close friends of ours invited us to join them at a lakehouse that they had been to the year before. They had a boat and tubes and skis...but my favorite was the crystal clear water and dock. My eldest celebrated his 16th birthday while we were there. We asked him if he had any cake requests. He said that he only cared about the frosting and wanted cream cheese frosting. So Movin Dad headed over to the Wal-Mart.

Yes, that's right folks, he walked into the very first Wal-Mart EVER! Very cool....or so we thought! The night before our host, his daughter, Movin' dad and birthday boy went to pick up pizzas at a fabulous Italian restraurant. Movin Dad was laughing because birthday boy was doing a spell check on their chalkboard menu. Apparantly, they had trouble spelling Asparagus, Ravioli and some other words.

When he went into Wal Mart to order the cake, the woman asked what the name was. Movin dad said, "Nico" She then assumed he was a girl because of the name. Then she asked him to write it down. SO he did. When he picked up the cake this is what he found.

They spelled Nico correct. BUUUUUUUT what about HAPPY~she put Hoppy and what about BIRTHDAY~she put BRITHDOG.


To top it all off it was an ice cream cake and Movin dad was laughing sooo hard at the spelling (which of course he took the cake home because it was too classic of a story to have it corrected) That he stuck it into the fridge.

Around dinner time we took it out and were getting the #16 candles ready. I took the lid off and there she blew..........pouring out the sides. It hit me~he had put an ice cream cake in the fridge instead of the freezer and his BRITHDOG cake had melted.

Laughter erupted from everyone.
It is the cake we will never forget!

My question: shouldn't the FIRST official Wal Mart ever be a touristy place~with a professional cake decorator?

My statement /demand: Although we move every two to four years~if Arkansas comes up as an option~I gotta opt out of that one. At least until I know for sure that the kids can spell!

Every year from here on out...our family will say:



tess said...

Honest do this a joke??? Even without the spelling, that cake looks like a two year old decorated it!! LOL!! Hoppy Birthdog Nico!!

tommiea said...

that cake is scary! I have gotten a pretty good dinosaur cake from ours.