Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In A Few Days...

My daughter and I will be taking a train into Texas for an all girls weekend with the women in my family.
The most commen asked question has been, WHY?
Why a train vs a plane?

Well initially my first thought was how fun it would be for my daughter and I to have this bonding experience before the girls weekend. Time to chat, about life and what not!

But as the day draws near, all she and I can think of is our 32 hour ride.
32hours on a train! SHNYKES!!!!

NOT just the train but also the time we will have with allof the girls on my grandmas side of the family.
Grandma, Aunts, cousins, sisters & inlaws, neices, daughters moms , it will be priceless I am sure.

As long as we can get through our 32 hours and the enjoy our 48 hours there so that we can do our 32 hours back home!!!!

Think of me!!!!

Choo Choo!!!

The rooms with beds were filled so we will be sitting passengers!!!! Choo choo!


mayberry said...

Maybe you should live-blog the whole thing. "Now we are passing some corn fields... hey look a cow... you know, train food sucks..." that sort of thing.

The girls' weekend sounds AMAZING though.

L.A. Daddy said...

Have fun on the trip! I can't wait until I can do the same with my girl(s)

me said...

wow..32 hours on a train. there's some dedicated parenting. have fun!

tommiea said...

we have done a train trip once....it was memorable! have fun!

On top of my game said...

choo choo, All Aboard!!!

Have fun!!!