Friday, September 07, 2007

Today is a rainy, clammy kinda day.

I am having a garage sale.

It was Movin Dad's idea....and yet , here I sit (by myself)

Movin' Dad claimed he would take the day off to assist. Then his boss suddenly called and decided he was coming in for a meeting and a game of golf. Which in my mind is the reason for the blissful rain. Although he is still at the meeting, I thought to myself......"What's the big deal?"
If I can raise 4 children....while he works......then I can handle a garage sale while he work."

That was until the cup of coffee, bottled water & Dr. pepper kicked in. I realized I was alone. Do I close the garage I take the money in with me.......Do I just run in super quick and hope that noone runs off with all of the items that we actually consider a nuasance yet are trying to make the all mighty dollar from them? (SRY 4 THE RUN-ON)

So I decide to risk it......I carry in the money box......and grab my computer on the way out.

"What can I do?"

"Noone's online!"


"I think I used to be a blogger......let me think.....what was my password......maybe I could do that..... while I am sitting here doing NOTHING....~ (excuse me I have a customer)

customer: "Ma'am how much for the VCR tapes?"

me: "50 cents"

(she put them back)

Okay, so I pretty much have a garage full of furniture, a loft bed, an antique maple kitchen table and chairs, entertainment center, computer desk, china cabinet.......and all I keep selling are VCR tapes and books.
I have been up since 5:30 am open since 7:30 am and now
It's 11:35 am and I am here until 3 pm.

Many people have come in regardless of the rain. I sit here slapping mosquitos, spraying OFF bug spray every 3 minutes, my flat ironed hair is starting to poof, and all I can think about is whether or not the humid air is going to harm my apple computer in some way.

I ask you, "WHY?"
"Why, do I continue to subject myself to garage sales.....or should I say rummage sales." Apparantly, depending where you live, determines the title of the ridding of ones junk.

I am slightly concerned with the squirrel who keeps passing just in front of the garage doorway. Back and forth he carries his nuts. But every so often he pauses in the middle, just long enough to make my heart skip a beat. He looks at me as if to say, "I could come in if I wanted to!" It's a bit unnerving.

Hey, it's 11:43 now! WOW, how time does pass while blogging and awaiting customers.

The noises in the garage are also starting to creep me out just a bit. I am normally only in the garage for about 30 seconds each time. I get in my car .....I get out of my car. I have no idea where the noises are coming from. It's probably that stinkin' squirrel trying to mess with me.

How many of you have gargage, yard, or rummage, sales?
I'm curious to know if anyone has ever been robbed during a garage sale?
Biggest and or least profit froma garage sale?

Our youngest Luke happens to be thecomedian of the family. Yet a lot of that comes from having older siblings who are constantly joksters.

As you all know my oldest is driving now and we were in the process of finding him a vehicle. He was using mine for weeks when he was able to. First day of school he met friends for breakfast took my car. Well in Wisconsin you have a 9month probation before you can have more than one person in the car with you. My car is a 2007 with XM radio, navagation system , but even better it had gasoline in it. SO he and 5 other kids decide to all pile into my car and then he let his friend who is past the 9th month probation DRIVE MY CAR!!!!!!! AND when I got in my car the radio was full blast with the bass at full throttle.
I lost it. I was angry that he had loaned my car to another kid. I took his drivers liscence away and told him that his car would be here the next day and he could not drive it until I saw that he had respect for other peoples property. He would have to earn the trust back.

SO the next day I picked him up at school in his car, he looked right at me and said, "What...are you trying to rub it in!"
Okay I guess that snide comment means you havn't learned your lesson yet.
I asked him. "Did you tell your friends what I took away from you?"

He said, "YES, I told ALL of my friends!"

I said, "Did you all enjoy calling me the "B" word?

He said "NO!"

Luke says from the back seat, "SOO You didn't enjoy it?"
My oldest son asked my youngest Luke,

"Luke, why do you stink so much?"

Luke responds with, "I dunno, maybe because I'm related to you!"


tess said...

I'v had four garage sales. The most I made was about $700.00, the least, about $100.00. I have been robbed of stuff I was selling, but never money. I love the people who chit-chat with you as if they have known you all your life. I can't stand the people who show up the first day, EARLY, and offer me less than the price I have on an item!!!!

tommiea said...

hey! Good to see you blogging again...

I have a garage sale every time we I unpack, if it doesn't have a "home" it goes in the garage sale pile it can't fit in the attic. So far we haven't been over our alotted weight (you get to move so much based on rank!!!) . Each time I make at least $500-1000. I do this every 3 years. While we are still at a place, I just donate to whoever or Freecycle. I take the tax deduction and move on! I don't know that I will make that much again though. I am giving away the kids clothes to relatives now...and we are pretty much pared down with furniture.