Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Being 40

About the age of 35, I tried to have a mammogram scheduled for myself. Each and everytime I was told that my insurance would not pay for it. I wasn't old enough. I did not have family history. I was not high risk.
And yet....each year, I would attempt to get it handled.

Now I'm 40, and the doctors, the friends, the commecials, the junk mail are all trying to get me to schedule a mammogram.
After all this is October, which means much more than fall or Halloween. It means it is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I turned 40 in April and for someone who was so eager to get it accomplished for the last 5 years, I somehow figured out a way to put this off for 6 months.

I called a couple of days ago and she offered up an appointment for today at 6:30 AM. I am not really sure what I was thinking saying okay. I didn't even ask if there was a different or better time. I just took it. I had major regret at about 5:30 AM when the alarm went off.

The experience as a whole was not much different than getting a pap. It's very quick, there's that slight moment of body exposure to a total stranger, and then that quick moment of discomfort that lasts about as long as a blink of an eye.

The most painful part is waiting for a clean bill of health...

I decided I would make you all wait with me. Won't you have a seat in my waiting room? I'll let you know when the results are ready.


mayberry said...

Your pictures are cracking me up. At least we can laugh while we wait.

tess said...

Love the cartoon!! See, I told you it's not all that bad.