Monday, March 27, 2006


Yesterday my hubby, daughter and I went out and about to pick out some paint colors. Also to choose some material for some rice pillows I was making....

While paying I informed my hubby that it was raining so I would go get the car while he paid. This of course placed me in the drivers seat for the ride home.

Now I might add that I am an excellent driver (just like Rain-man) and with every turn, red light, brake, lane change, and traffic jam my husband felt the need to comment. This drives me crazy because as I said I am an excellent driver.

You should all probably know that my husband (the back-seat driver) works for an automotive company and has been in the automotive business his entire life along with his father and uncle and brother. He has very strong feelings about buying American.

While at a red light, about 12 cars back in line I pull up evenly with the entry drive of a Toyota dealership with a Honda waiting to pull out. Now my first instinct is that of the driver who will be waiting FOREVER to pull out because of the line. So I wait a car length back, as to allow the room for said car to join us all in the party line of this flip-pin red light that seems to be stuck.

My husband of course comments once again, "What are you doing, pull up, it's just an import" "Now if it were an American car we'd let him in"

I said "I tend to view this from a Christian stand point not an import standpoint!" "...and the Christian thing would be to let him in, if I don't he will be stuck there forever."

The car pulls out in front of me and NO KIDDING he was a priest!!! I love it when I am trying to teach a lesson and God swoops in and backs me up!!!!!!!

Back-seat driver------SILENCED!!!!!


Mega Mom said...

That is so freaking funny. Does V just view me as an "import"?

I'm cracking up over here. Maybe I'll post this 9 times just so you know how funny I think it is!

movin'mom said...

I'll have to ask him...
I'll get back to you on that

movin'mom said...

V said that if he saw you and knew it was you he would let you in but if he didn't see your face than are" just an import" to him and he would NOT let you in.

Kathy said...

That was sooo're quick girl!
I just loved that story!!!

Chaotic Mom said...

Oh that is HIL AR I OUS! I would have LOVED for something like that to shush up my Hubby when he was commenting on MY driving! ;)

Lisa said...

Heeheeh. That is too funny. You go girl! And I loved the comment you put on my blog. I completely agree with you!