Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Tell me Ace Young did not pull his shirt back revealing his chest with a chunky chain hangin'
I have been saying all along that Ace reminds me of a cheesy lounge lizard -MISSION ACCOMPLISHED


I hear many a parent complain that the kids are fighting, getting on each others nerves, poking poking poking...stop it....maaahmmm.....he's touching me....scoot over....stop looking at me....get out of my room....I'm tellin'...etc etc etc

There will come the day when the kids will unite.

My two older boys are 14 and 13, a mere 14 months apart. Neither one remembers a time when they did not have each other so eventually you would have to assume that they would be as one. One united front that is. This isn't the first time it has happened, it's just the first time that I have realized that they are actually "as one" everyday.

A couple of days ago (as a joke) I drew this picture of my 13 year old. I said what is the connection between all 6 of these pictures. He immediately got it .


He was a little offended and said I have lots of other activities, and to be fair he does...but he is a little obsessed with the electronics. It was supposed to be funny. So I told my youngest to go and show it to his brother (14 yr old) who was doing work on the computer. There was a time I'll have you know that he would have been whooping it up right along side me laughing and making light of the whole thing. But lately they seem to represent each other, as if he were My 13 years olds very own little Johnny Cochran. So I waited and waited...I heard no laughter at all. Then my youngest brings this back to me
and says it's from my oldest and hands me the drawing with an extra sheet below it:

OH NO HE Di' nt...

Is this suppose to be me????
He just threw that back in my face and suddenly everyone was laughing....Okay I was was funny.

So get ready....For one day they will UNITE!!!

TODAY- I am going to shut my computer down and walk away- I must do the laundry!!! My hope is that when I log back on tonight with a nice glass of Pinot Noir I will have loads and loads of comments to respond to.


On top of my game said...

Too funny! Check out mamalikey's review of American Idol. I'll be watching both episodes tonight.

On top of my game said...

Hey, you are quite the artist.

Fighting for computer w/ kids around.

Mega Mom said...

That is spot on Woman!

First of all, your artistic abilities are quite good (coming from The Stick Figure Lady that I am anyway).

Secondly, I am afraid. Very afraid. Although I'd give anything to see my kids grow up close. I'd even let them gang up on me if it helped :)

Thirdly, I thought Ace was going to start fondling his own nipple at one point!

Lisa said...

You are too funny. I wish I could draw. I mess up stick figures.

J's Mommy said...

hahaha! cute drawing - both of them!