Monday, March 06, 2006

Boys vs. Girls

While raising our children my husband and I have often chuckled about how the make up of our family seems to work. It works for us, but does it work for the kids? Having 3 boys and 1 girl, I would have to say that I question myself the most in regards to my daughter. I am pretty much a professional when it comes to the boys, but I have 3 of them. I find that she is beeing raised by not only V & I but 2 big brothers as well. She really does a lot for her little brother so he doesn't try and ruffle her feathers ever! She will be starting jr. high next year so I feel that she does need some form of independance to start proving she can handle situations. Nothing major, but baby steps. I want her to be more independant than I was, stronger than I was, I was so shy growing up but not her. "The BOYS" tend to protect her to a point that is cute to us and funny to her but you know she won't think that for long. These are her brothers request of her (not all approved by me or her dad)

1. no bikinis at the pool (she owns 4)
2. no make-up ( santa delivered a case of it)
3. stay in girl scouts -boys love to date girls in the girl scouts
4. You cannot walk to school without an adult or one of her big brothers
5. no boyfriends unless they pass our approval list (they have to fear her brothers)
6. you have to be fully clothed when walking around the house (in case their friends are here)

These are just the things her brothers tell her on a daily basis---Parenting a daughter has been the biggest blessing for me but also the scariest at the same time. Especially seeing some of the sites that some of my sons friends have (girls). When I was in school there was that small group of girls that were wild, swore, switched out boyfriends like they change clothes, drank, snuck out, made out, dabbled with drugs but this was later in school not 13 & 14 year olds.
Now the groups of girls that partake seems to be much bigger. IT IS SCARY! The challenging part is wanting so much for her as far as indepenance and being happy while still protecting her from the unknown. I do have these issues with the boys as well, but it's not the same.


Mega Mom said...

#1 The recipe sounds very yummy!
#2 How the %$&#@ did you learn how to do the audio byte so fast?
#3 Sometimes I'm really glad I only have boys :))
#4 If I ever have a girl, I'm coming to you for advice b/c that girl of yours is a sweetheart. (So are your boys, but I've already gotten advice from you on that).
#5 I need to come over and teach you some things.

movin'mom said...

I can'yyw ait for you to come teach me things like the font thing.......I CANNOT figure that out..I am however going tohave my youngest do a daily joke on the audio byte.