Sunday, March 05, 2006


I have an XM radio which allows me to listen to a large variety of music from every genre you can think of.
My kids and I have a game that we play I prefer to listen to 80's and the mix which is a variey of pop and soft rock.
THE KIDS like classic rock , new rock, TOP 20 and some pop. Then my oldest LOVES the screaming at the top of your lungs hard rock music that noone can understand. The game is in the car with the XM - Once a song on the 80's comes on I have to be able to name the song and the artist If I fail then the dial moves to TOP TRACKS which is ROCK and the cycle continues for the kids. This is what happens when you have a family of 6 with different tastes and every one has to be happy!!

The reason I reference to lyrics is because I find myself saying, "What did they just say?" Shake that what???? (Eminem) now I am a fan of his, I think he is very talented, but just like you mom's who can't get their toddlers to stop saying poopy head I do not want my kids to say Shake that @#& !!!! Even Gold Digger -by Kanye West-I LOVE that song but you know he loves a girl that used to #&%@ with Usher??? The sad part is I find myself singing songs from the 80's that were just as bad they just didn't use the #$@&*%$@% language. I want your sex by George Michael, the dance song BOOM BOOM BOOM lets go back to my room so we can do it all night and you can make me feel right........I feel like a hypocrite in the car when the kids catch me mid- lyric saying" I don't think this song is appropriate mommy!!!" The 80's & 90's had great dance music and these were my clubbing days, so along with a great beat they also bring great memories to me. I can't wait until my children have kids and their toddlers are in their car listening to their genre when my grandchild will wail out "What cha' gonna do wit all that junk all that junk insisde that trunk, I'm gonna ga ga get you drunk get you love drunk off my humps..........

When we got married my mother-in-laws friend gave me a bridal shower, and in the invite people were asked to bring along a recipe to get me started. My favorite one was from my husbands grandma who took the time to write this out on a ver pretty recipe card and mail it to Texas. It said ... V has always loved rice crispie treats the recipe is on the side of the box.

It's Sunday we missed church (I slept through it) so here is my bible verse for the day

"Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life.24 Don't use your mouth to tell lies: don't ever say things that are not true.25 Keep your eyes focused on what is right, and look straight ahead to what is good. 26 Be careful what you do, and always do what is right. 27 Don't turn off the road of goodness: keep away from evil paths." Proverbs 4:23-27 (NCV)


Mega Mom said...

Love the recipe.

Can't believe you missed church. Sinner.

john grek said...

Well done young lady. You brought back a few nostalgic memories with your eighties songs. Like your photo as well. UJ

Rita L said...

So true, so true... I remember coming home, and playing Marvin Gaye, "Sexually Healing!" I have been wondering recently, "what was my Mom thinking, when she heard this???" Sometimes I think I'm too involved, maybe my Moms way was better. But I can't help but be me.


movin'mom said...

There is that fine line, isn't there??? I love that Marvin Gaye song and everytime it comes on the kids call me on it. I gotta get my own ipod!!!

As for you needing to be you, thats my problem, I have to listen to the little voice of concern which in turn means my kids have to listen to that little voice of concern, and when they don't want to hear it then it becomes a BIG voice of concern. hence my name