Tuesday, March 21, 2006

...BUT MOM IT'S PG-13!

Who's idea was it to change the rating system? This has become one of the biggest pains in my life. Watching a movie with all of my family of 6 is by far the beginning of many debates with my children. Of course my 14 & 13 year old boy have no interest in watching what my 7 year old boy can watch, and my 10 year old daughter is starting to get her feelings hurt that my husband and I watch so many movies with the two older boys and send her up with her little brother. They all have DVD players in their room but the point here is watching something as a family.

There was a time that I was a fanatic about what they could and could not watch -no violence-no bad words-no sexual innuendo-& no drugs. As you all know this pretty much leaves the Disney movies and some of those may be questionable. Well then we changed it, they could watch it as long as there was not any sexual innuendo or drug use.
For those of you with young children believe me when I say that the very day your child turns 13 they think they can watch everything that's PG-13. My husband and I love the goofy silly humor movies and own quite a bit of them but almost everyone of them have parts that the kids cannot watch. There were so many more movies when it was only rated G, PG, R, and X yikes I won't even go there.

Here's the humor part ,my 2 older boys go nuts if my daughter or 7 year old are around any bad words (thank God for TIVO and the pause button) yet they think that they should get the green light on movies that my husband and I watch. I am going to let the boys watch Crash this weekend. We bought that and it was okay. My guess is that my daughter will have her feelings hurt again and will have to watch something on her own because she cannot possibly watch Star Wars 3 again with her little brother.

I'd like to challenge my fellow Bloggers to throw me a movie that meets the criteria :
None of the sex -drugs- bad words-mild violence is okay I guess they do watch star wars after all.
Lots of goofy humor-we love Will Ferrell-The Wilson brothers-Saturday Night Live-my mom calls this stupid humor
The challenge is going to be picking one that we haven't already seen
We are really bad at just buying DVD's as opposed to renting so as soon as one comes out -I am usually in the line at Target.

I previously posted this recipe on MEGAMOM's site before I had my own .
It was quite a popular recipe so I decided to post it here on mine.
*my belief theory on the Crock Pot is that it should be simple
I only want to throw it all in and close the lid
If the recipe asks me to brown something it's not for me-I might as well cook it in the pan I browned it in.

I put 8-10 boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crock-pot
adding 2 jars of corn and black bean salsa
close lid put on low (in the morning)
by dinner time it is falling apart and shred's easily with two forks.
put in tortillas with cheese lettuce tomato sour cream extra salsa guacamole
whatever you put in a taco - THIS IS DA-LISH

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tess said...

Sorry I can't help with the movies. As you know we don't have that issue.

We just had your crock pot dish Sunday night...yum yum! Even though there is only three of us I still make alot. B's friends ask to stay if I'm having it for dinner!

On top of my game said...

Good topic, again difficult to please all family members, difficult to find appropriate movies. I will think on it.

got to try the recipe, but you know the gourmet cook in the family does not like crook pot cooking. LY

Mega Mom said...

Monsters, Inc....hahaha!

As I watch movies about 3x per year, I'm sure that anything I could mention you'd already have seen. What about trying some classics? My nephews love old SNLs, but I guess you'd have to sift through them...

Be sure to link your recipe to chaotic home. You could win a book!

movin'mom said...

I do not know how to link --remember
you gotta show me that.

Chaotic Mom said...

I'm linking you now! ;)

On top of my game said...

Constant complaint in our house as well. I am known to cave though. I was advise by a JJHS teacher when she over heard a similiar conversation. That walking down the hallways at a jr. high is a R rated movie.