Monday, March 20, 2006

"An OXYCLEAN moment"

As I stated in a previous BLOG response to a friend we will call TESS, I will define "An OxyClean Moment."

While living in Michigan a few years ago, I would have to say that TESS and I spoke on the phone daily. Usually she would multi-task while I took the route of relaxing during our conversation.

One day, I was dusting (we'll call that a rare moment)
and not only your typical swiffer style dusting but I was actually standing upon a kitchen chair and dusting the top of a china cabinet hutch we had in the kitchen. I have taken that job on approx. 2 times in my 17 year marriage. the back top corner of the hutch was a brand new, never been opened container of OXY CLEAN. I picked it up in my hand completely confused with the idea of not only who bought it but, who would had placed this up so high and why. Of course TESS was mid-story and I did not want to interrupt her so I waited until she finished but as she ended her story she swooped right into another with.."Hey have you ever tried that new cleaner OXYCLEAN?" I amost fell off my chair, It was like I was in the middle of a commercial.I screamed a bunch of "OH MY GOSH"S" and " are never going to believe this" comments. My initial thought was that she could see me which was ridiculous. From that day on we had many many more moments like that and each time we would say "Ooh it's like the OXYCLEAN thing" Hence the title "OXYCLEAN MOMENT!"

Let me tell you my theory here is that I do not believe in coincidence, although I do need to learn how to spell it because spell check keeps changing it on me. I looke dit up in the dictionary and this was (online dictionary) Wikipedia's version:

Coincidence literally describes two or more events or entities occupying the same point in space or time, but colloquially means two or more events or entities possessing unexpected parallels, such as thinking about someone and then receiving an unexpected phone call from that person, when it is clear that there is no ordinary causal connection.

There are many many books out there that describe these moments in other peoples lives. I do think that I can write one of my own. I don't think that OXYCLEANS happen to me more than others I just think that my antennas are up.
I wish I could share more of these stories with you but, would you really take the time to read them all? I would love to hear one of yours.

Here's another IF YOU"RE EVER IN...YOU GOTTA TRY... segments:

If your ever in San Antonio, Texas you gotta try Mi Tierra Mexican Restaraunt in the downtown market place. I love to go there. It has been there for so many years and has never ever closed. Open 24 hours a day. They have multiple mariachis
that walk around and sing and also a huge mexican bakery right when you walk in. There is one week in April that they have what is called Fiesta Week and the entire city celebrates, parades, drinks, food, music, and @ St. Mary's University they have an Oyster Bake which is my favorite.


TESS said...

OK, you have totally freaked my freak!! As I was putting the now empty 192 oz. OXI CLEAN bucket in the recycle bin this morning I thought, "wait till I tell you I finnaly used it up." The very bucket I bought when we first had this conversation!! After the boys were gone I read your BLOG! I nearly fell off my chair. If that isn't an OXI CLEAN MOMENT I don't know what is!

On top of my game said...

Does oxi-clean get carpet stains, dog threw up dirt! Can't get it out!


Mega Mom said...

Finally you explain OxyClean!

If you are ever in Chicago, you gotta try Penny's Noodles!