Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well this morning while watching the Today Show I came across Bob Dole who is now the spokesperson for
GOT BREAKFAST.com. It is a government program that allows schools to serve breakfast because as we all know
breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And yet out of 7 days I only eat breakfast about 2 of those days.
I must do better. The picture is when we were in Florida at my husbands work function. Bob was the speaker and what a speaker he was. Afterwards I was leaving my hotel room on the way to the elevator when I saw his secret service guy turning the corner, 9th floor, I thought,"NO WAY!" was Bob Dole on the same floor as me? Well I get into the elevator and there he was. He was a doll, so sweet asked how my day was ...if I enjoyed his talk...told me to have fun at the spa....after our elevator landed I thought "oh I wish I had had my camera........it was in my hand the whole time, so as he was about to leave we asked his secret service guy to snap a shot of us and another couple which I cropped out because it would be rude of me to expose others on the web. The point of my story is breakfast...having 4 kiddies I have always had the rule that the kids make their own breakfast and their own lunch. This was easy with the first 3 but that baby of the family yikes---he is now 7 and finally doing his thing.
I know a lot of moms say that they do it for their child because kids would just eat and pack up junk however I am a firm believer in teaching them what is good for them figuring out ways to create that into something they enjoy eating. So they can make those decisions for themselves when I am not around.
It has worked so far, the only one I halfway struggle with is my second born son because he is a carb king. Which is okay if he has balance. Like this morning for instance, I came down stairs and he was having a slice of toast with butter....I did not say a word I just watched him,.....he starts reading the paper then just sits and looks out the window.....I said you know you have to have some form of protein...his response---I know ! When he was in second grade they use dot have those fact power tests -you know 100 problems in 5 minutes. So every test day he would eat sardines for breakfast and take some for lunch because he had read that they were the best brain food. It also was cool to him that it grossed his friend sand teachers out.
Anyway my lesson in eating is medicine for your body is working great for my kids.......If only I would take my own advice and that of my friend Bob Dole !!


Huevos Rancheros

saute' diced onions in a T butter and a swizzle of oil
add can of diced tomatoes ,
add salt pepper & cumin to taste

in another pan make eggs sunny side up
pour sauce over eggs
great with tortillas.

This is a quick version of this recipe and is yummy!

:( I was truly sad to hear this morning about Dana Reeves
Time seems to have flown by since her diagnoses was released.
My heart strings are pulling for their son but I know he has to be a strong
young man to have come from such a united front : two great parents
who made a difference in this world.
As I called my husband to inform him about the news
my 10 year old daughter said,
"Well, the good thing is she finally gets to be with her husband!"

In at least one room move the furniture around, It makes it easier to spring clean!!!!


Mega Mom said...

I can absolutely hear your voice when I read your blog!

Have you noticed that very few Midwesterners have blogs? Do you think it says something that you are from Texas (where everyone and their Mother blogs) and I am from NY? I do.

Love your recipes, but what the %#$& is a swizzle? :)))

movin'mom said...

Don't you have the Snoop dog dictionary
you know a swizzle is just a partial pour while making a zig zag motion back and forth.

I did not know that TEXAS is BIG on BLOGS but I guess TEXAS is BIG on everything now aren't they?
I have another friend that BLOGS too but she's not from here either. hhhmmm-pondering moment!!!

I hear your voice too !

TES said...

Hey Girl, TOTAL OXI CLEAN MOMENT!Monday moring I said to my 15 yr. old son, "you know you should have some protein with thatt toast and jam. You know his response, "I know!" Next he is standing in front of the frig searching for protein. "Hey can I have this left over salmon?" (I was saving that for MY lunch, oh well.) I said "go for it" Since that morning(I know it's only Wednesday) he's been making great breakfast choices. I can only pray it continues, there's nothing worse than having to remind a 15 yr. old!!

movin'mom said...

You do realize I am going to have to do an entire BLOG on what an OXI CLEAN moment is because no one is going to know what that means ,,,,,,and even after I type about it chances are there will be a few who still don't get it. HOWEVER I have many a friends who will.

Go Protein......I still didn't have mine today!

Anonymous said...

I was recently told that breakfast will jump start my metabolism for the day. That's all I needed to hear, now I eat breakfast to lose weight. Funny how that works.