Monday, March 06, 2006



3T flour
2 tilapia filets
2-3 T olive oil
1/3 cup frozen corn
2T capers
1 fresh tomato diced
1/3 cup white wine

1. Mix flour with pinch of sa;t and pepper in shallow bowl
2. Heat olive oil in saute' pan over med high heat
3. dust both sides of tilapia in seasoned flour
4. slide fish into pan with hot oil
5. cook fish on both sides until nice golden brown
6. remove fish to serving plates & keep warm in very low oven
7.leave pan on burner add corn & capers. move around in pan a bit
then pour in wine cook for a minute or so then add tomato combine ingrediants well
for another additional minute
8. Spoon over fish filets.

My family LOVED this recipe that I got from my friend Tracy in Michigan. I of course had to more than triple the recipe to feed this army but it was a simple quick meal and there were NO LEFTOVERS!!!! Sign of a great meal.


Rita L said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I have recently entered the blog world (reading it). My favorite blog prior to yours of course is newyorkhack.blogspot (I think thats it, check it out). Glad to see you are putting your fingers to the keyboard and doing it, instead of thinking about it.
LY, Rita "Staying informed"

Rita L said...
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movin'mom said...

Thank you thank you......I will have to check out that site ..feel free anytime to vent I have decided nonmaes on the site is a must----i gotta call ya on some other stuff.