Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Me & Bob


Anonymous said...

Well, ain't THAT impressive, you woman of society!

Back when you knew me, one of my favorite breakfasts was peanut butter toast (thick layer of PB, mind you) with crushed pineapple or apple sauce on top. I was raised on whole wheat bread, but I know a lot of people can't handle that.

Looks like I'll have to pretend to be anonymous or set up a page of my own? --Doug

On top of my game said...

Hey Movin'Mom-

Where's wednesday blog? I abide by the same a.m. The kids try nuts/cheese and Carnation Instant is a regular staple in our house, I better check that for TFA.


movin'mom said...

I am workin hard to figure out TFA
hhhmmm it's a stumper

movin'mom said...

Doug- okay now back when i knew you I believe there were some serious good grades going on---for you not me--which means the whole wheat thing was working for you! Thanks for the pineapple and applesauce idea---my kids thought they sounded delicious!!!

How ironic that you thought about your pineapple when I was posing with Bob "Dole"!!

Thanks for visiting the site and you only have to be anonymous if you want to be.