Friday, April 21, 2006


It's a beautiful sunny day, and the last day of my son's spring break. He has many friends spending the night and it sounds like I will be taxi-ing them around from place to place. movies, eating, hanging out in town. I mean how much can $ 30 dollars possibly buy you? My guess is today is a lesson in budgeting money, since movies is last on the agenda for the day and we all know what it costs to go to the movies nowadays it's going to be interesting!!

For those of us who have teenage boys, I am sure you can all relate with the comic ZITS. This morning my daughter said to me,"Mom you gotta read this, it's funny!" I followed with,"I can't, I don't have my glasses." So then everyone goes on their search, and lo and behold my purse appears. So I continue my sarcasm with "this better be funny because this was a lot of work" Of course being BLOG related and also in the middle of trying to BLOG when she handed me the paper, I decided to dust of the 'ol scanner!!!

Here she comes again ...another one..."Mom this is not as funny but it is BLOG related" I don't know if it's as funny as it is just something I am sure we have all related with at one time or another. Or at least felt like someone is saying in their head. Although I bet Mom-101 doesn't think this way. She is my BLOG hero!! I just found out yesterday that we are almost the same age! Except in BLOG years,I think she is way more mature or at least in the AP course of BLOG 101!!!! I am still in the "intro-to Blogging class"

I am really not that in secure- I just would like to create a BLOG that represents me-without having to fork out $$$$$
I went to the library and checked out creating a BLOG for dummies....or was it idiots....either way you all see that my BLOG has not changed. So does that make me a dummy or an idiot? It sounds a little like what came first the chicken or the egg?
I don't criticize those who do pay to get it done, but having an artists soul, loving the creative side of life and the strong desire to figure things out make me want to create a blog of my own....make it my own...tomorrow I will show my creative work from high school.


Mega Mom said...

I know you'll come up with something good.

Mom101 said...

I am a woman of many surprises ;)

Good luck with your blog makeover. It took me three weeks just to change my header.