Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Wildlife in my Neighborhood

Here's an owl that was on the side of my house.

Here's a fox that was screeching at me the whole time I followed him to take his picture

This I took this morning...I have NO IDEA what it is you? (please don't say a bird)


Romancing Simplicity said...

How about a brown bird? I kid.

Um, it looks a little bit like a song thrush but I think those are usually more native to England and the Netherlands and northern areas like that, but they are migratory so they might be in the Eastern States too. I don't really know. It might also be a type of wren. I can't really tell how big it is.

If it isn't one of those, I'm fresh out of ideas, but I'd really swear it were a song thrush.

movin'mom said...

Well thanks for playing *Romancing Simplicity*
I will look up a song may just win by default. None of the other teams showed up !!!

Paulette said...

I came across your site and enjoyed it alot. Lol I related to moving. I came from Michigan to Texas many years ago and my daughter is moving to Tennessee to College. I love your pics especially the owl, that is awesome, what a great picture. You have a great blog I enjoyed it.

tess said...

I'll have to discribe it to my dad and get back to you. He knows his birds.

Nicole said...

Where do you live? In a forest? Maybe I've just gotten used to the burbs we live in where the trees are too small to attract anything. I think the birds are afraid to land on the tiny branches for fear of snapping them off! Enjoy your wildlife sightings and thanks for sharing...