Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oh My...My clock says 7 but my body says 6

And my body is saying go back to bed. This is my week to drive, I take turns with a friend, I do one entire week of to and from and she does an entire week of to and from, and today is MY to and from. Well it's the first day back to school for 3 of my kids. My oldest will be-holidaying it over Easter.
Although, in reality we did not do a thing over this spring break except slept a little later and pulled out the bikes from storage. There were really only 2 days out of the entire week that screamed "SPRING IS HERE"

Today I am pledging to do something physical . I am told it takes 2 weeks to form a habit so I figure if I BLOG about it then maybe I will hold myself accountable and actually go to the YMCA and workout or at least put in my pilates DVD. I could get on the bike...anything just to get that habit started. Now when I say "BLOG about it" I mean just the workouts...there will be no drastic before and after shots, no documentation of what the scale says up or down, and to be honest I will not be standing on the scale anyway. So today I will train in one way or another. If I just blow this off and forget about posting my 2 week personal challenge -REMIND ME_ thats the part of the accountability.

Tonight is the Apprentice----I am such a reality show junky!!

Everyone has tried to talk my 13 year old into cutting his hair. He has always had a buzz cut up until these last couple of years. Obviously my oldest being in a military school has short hair, My youngest's (7) hair is longer than a couple of the girls in his class...but he gets compliments all of the time. He tells us that the girls (1st grade) all love his hair, so there is no way he would ever cut it. So my oldest has to do a project for school on Samson and Delilah. He and a couple of boys have to make a video. So he has decided that when my 13 year old is sleeping, his friends will shave his head. YIKES seems brutal to me. I told him this could be borderline hazing! He of course thinks that it would be like reality TV because Samson DID NOT want his hair cut either and his brother fighting it in the video would be so realistic. This is what I have to deal with...I wil keep you up to date on that one. Pictures for sure!!

My daughter(10) is trying to learn how to do a cartwheel. She tries and tries but just cannot get that ending part down. I used to be the cartwheel queen but you know
my body parts just don't move like that anymore! Any advice would be GRAND!!!

, my sons friend sat in the front seat and did not put his seat-belt on....a few blocks away from home my vehicle starts beeping , alerting me to the fact that he doesn't have his on. So I announce "you gotta learn my #1 rule, Always wear your seat-belt" My son says "NOOOOO thats not your #1 rule thats #2 (as if we have these all in contract and notarized) Your #1 rule is "Always treat others as you want to be treated" AAAWWWWW he actually listened!

My second son took an SAT test this weekend and Saturday morning at 5:45 am my oldest woke me up, then woke up his brother and then he went downstairs and made him 4 scrambled eggs with a side of sausage patties then he sat with him and chatted about different formulas in algebra, graphing etc etc...It was quite a proud moment for me. These are the moments that I live for and why I had kids. I told him later that I was really proud of him. and how I thought he would make a really good father (after he gets married that is) because he took such good care of making sure his brother was ready for the test. He just smiled.


Chaotic Mom said...

Hahahahaha! My hubby and I are such competitive nerds, we were thinking about taking the SAT AGAIN, just to see who scored better. I'm guessing he would score better, but it would be funny just to see how I would do this time around.

Am I smarter, or just wiser with age? ;)

Oh, I'm a reality show junkie, too. New, sad routine in our house. I get up at 3-4 a.m. (I do no matter what, just my body clock...), fix a cup of Teechino (coffee substitue), settle in to watch recorded reality shows from the night before. While folding laundry now, so at least I'm a little productive. And go over my Control Journal, too...

But as for the YMCA? I'm heading down there tomorrow to sign up. NEED to do it. ;)

Mega Mom said...

I can help with the cartwheel (in exchange for baby sitting :))

The story about the SATs is beautiful.

You are NOT going to let N cut A's hair are you ?!?!?!?!?

Mega Mom said...

You are all growsed up. No more proofing comments? Get rid of that verification though. I'm too dumb for it. Always messing up my i's and j's. Don't worry about the perverts. I don't think it helps anyway.

movin'mom said...

momma m- what a great question to ponder-Am I smarter or wiser? I think wiser! Not smarter because I still can't do algebra and yet wiser because I know I don't need it!!

mega mom I am not doing the words for perverts I am doing it because of ads.

Let me talk to my peeps about the exchange for cartwheel lessons and we may have a deal. What is your success rate?

Nicole said...

Wow. The SATs. The thought makes me shudder. My oldest is about to graduate from kindergarten. This year went by so fast it scares me to think they'll be taking SATs before I know it!