Sunday, April 02, 2006


Last night my son asked if he could have a friend spend the night. He then helped clean and organize because we also had some friends coming over. Cocktails and appetizers, for us, not the teens. Anyway at the last minute apparently his friend got in trouble and could not come over. So I said why don't you call someone else. "Well...everyone is sleeping over at one house already and they are going to the movies." Different suburb from where we live, and I said well, they can come over afterwards, because there is noway I am driving him out there when we have guests coming over. Then the phone rings, it's a mom of a girl who said her daughter was having 7 girls spend the night and they are on their way to your house because they heard your son is having a few guys spend the night. She wanted to make sure it was okay. Of course I told her it was fine, my son had heard that out house was on the list to be TP'd by these girls and I would rather they come over and hang out vs. TPing my home (it was suppose to rain) She laughingly said "Oh I was actually better with them doing the TP'ing vs the hanging out with the boys. EXCUSE ME...I almost went to the store to buy the boys their TP,for retaliation. The boys set up a sprinkler (just in case) to soak the girls if they showed up.Fortunately they did not do any TP'ing and they just hung out.

My daughter was gaw gaw to have so many girls in the house,being the only girl she needs some girl time every now and then. of course as soon as the girls saw her they were all saying hey come in here.she loved it, her brother did not. Then when my 7 year old came in the girls went crazy over him.

ANYWAY Then girls went home boys retired to PS2 and Off to bed I go....I could not sleep....every sound I heard...I just knew my house was being TP'd. CUT to early morning...Boys wake up ...PS2 turns on...Guitar Hero-great game if anyones interested. My son tells me the girls have already called they want to see if they can hang out together again. So I tell him "Why don't you guys get dressed and ask the girls to meet you at Dunkin Donuts" (now i don't have to make breakfast!!)
So off they go.....I have never seen them get ready so fast in my life. They get home each boy carrying a huge box of donuts...they said it was buy a dozen get 6 free sale. So they all did, Typical guys. Back to the basement for PS2- Phone rings --Mom the girls want to know if we can come over-I said haven't you guys hung out with them enough for one weekend. One boy says to me" But it's Sunday, I think we're going to do a bible study" ha ha ha So I call the parents ...they say it's fine because they will be there to supervise "the Bible study" I'm just waiting for the phone to ring so I can go pick them up (it's raining) and of course their teenagers so no ones got a jacket..and the girls took 2 of our jackets last night because they had short sleeves on in the rain. VERY TYPICAL. So all you moms who think your busy with toddlers and being soccer moms just wait until their TEENS and suddenly you are but a taxi ride & a chaperone- when you are actually responsible for making sure that no ones making out or hooking up or sneaking out or getting TP'd well actually I am okay with the TP part's the getting caught and having to call their parents that I'm worried about. the key is NEVER get caught TP'ing you gotta run like the wind! I know there are plenty of parents that would frown at my being okay with the TP thing.

Every parents hope I think, is that the teens will want to hang out at your house because you know they are safe and following your rules. So I am glad that my son was able to do that but let me tell you-I NEED A NAP


Mega Mom said...

Woe is you.

Hahaha. Actually thanks for all of the forewarnings.

Lisa said...

Yeah. I'm so not ready for that phase. Its a good thing my little guy is still little.

But you must be the house where every kid LOVES to go. I would love to have a house like that someday. Alot of moms who have these sorts of houses say they prefer it that way -- because at least they know where their child is and what he or she is doing. Pretty smart!

Amy said...

I loved reading your post. Its so true...I have a 14 year old son and am in and out of the house and the car more times than I can count in any given day - and it starts after school. On the weekends, it starts much earlier. I'd rather be the mom that everyone KNOWS will drive, even though I get annoyed at the parents who don't. I know my son will call me no matter what - and that his friends in my car means that I also can get inside scoop (sometimes). I also love it when 14 has boys sleep over - and I connect with their parents. I, too, chuckle at the comments of parents of little ones --- because it gets much harder and busier when they are older and they can get into much more trouble! Thanks for talking about TEENS! I've been searching for blogs that do and am going to start doing Teen Tuesdays on mine, just to blab about my own in an indiscriminant ramble! And that's sort of like a Teen isn't it? An indescriminant ramble!

movin'mom said...

It is a treat and a chore all at the same time. Ooh Kvetchblogger I am so looking forward to your Tuesday Teen POST. Maybe we can both do this and have that day covered! Great Idea.

On top of my game said...

Couple ?'s, which teens #1 son or #2 son? Glad to see G had a good time, she always does?
Love the Tuesday Teen idea.


movin'mom said...

that would be teen #1 & yes you must join in to the teen tuesday thing it will be what I have to look forward to ...well that and American idol and Sons & Daughters

Amy said...

I hope you come and read my first Teen Tuesday! Its funny because it's not easy for me to write about the specifics of my kids - but it was great to philosophize a bit and get it all "down on paper" well, onto the blog. You know what I mean.

movin'mom said...

WOW I was just there. GREAT BLOG