Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I just watched the movie Mean Girls the other night. I know to some degree things were exaggerated but, oh my... it was a bit concerning. There were parts that I recognized in some of the girls I went to high school with actually even from an elementary and jr high level.

Mean girl to new girl- you are so pretty

new girl- thank you

mean-...so you agree?


mean--that your pretty, you think your pretty?

people like that drive me crazy!!!!! My goal is not so much to protect my daughter from girls like these because she will come across them in every area of life. My real goal is to direct her in a path so that she NEVER becomes one of these girls. I am really lucky so far because she is a great girl. She is only 10, but I think sometimes it can just take that one new friend in her life that could shake things up. I know that having two older brothers has really helped in the area of her standing up for herself, she's only 10 but it has allowed her to not be intimidated by boys her own age but can she be that way with the girls. I was such a shy, fragile & naive 10 year old that it impresses me that she already has that going for her.


okay not really four hundred and forty four but when traveling or even just at home here is a soup hint I overheard in the DR's office from a couple of college girls. It's called:


You can put the ramen noodles (you know the big square thing) I think you can get them for a quarter
and put them in the coffee pot ,along with the season packet
put the water in the coffee maker as if you were making a pot of coffee
hit start and then VOILA you have coffee pot ramen.
this is great because it is way cheap and when your at a hotel or a kid in college
it's perfect.


rhonda said...

That movie brought back so many bad memories of high school. Those girls are horrible, and I will also try my hardest to make it so that my daughter will NEVER be that way.

Coffee Pot Ramen, I am all over it :)

tess said...

You know that I went from a small Luthern school to a large highschool. Very hard to fit in, lots of MEAN GIRLS!! I survived and am stronger for it.

I'll have to tell my nefews @ college about coffee pot ramen. They'll get a kick out of that one!

On top of my game said...

I've seen the movie, M things the Mom who makes the drinks w/ the umbrellas is just like my sister!!! T was being homeschooled when we watched and had the first few lines of the movie memorized. I read the book Queen Bees and Wannabes. It sparked a lot of conversation w/ my daughter (jr. high age at that time). I started asking lots of ?'s as I was reading, which immediately put her on the defense, she did not want to tell me the "hierarchy" of her social group or answer my specific ?'s about it. Then, I would find the book in her bedroom, she was reading it, too. Several weeks passed by and she said, "Mom, everything in the book is true." She would have girls tell her, "you can't sit here!" She was mortified if I would purchase clothes at Target, she would tell me, "I can't wear that to school, kids will make fun of me." We would compromise, a name brand item w/ the target item. I learned then not to react to the drama, but listen, wait, and then respond. Its much better in high school because we had talk a lot about it, what she stands for as an individual and how she wants to represent herself. O, and follow your gut instinct. She also has a better sense of self and with that confidence.

She also likes to tell me you the Queen Bees are in my social circles.

Thanks for the ramen tip. M just might get a coffee pot in her bedroom.


Amy said...

Coffee Pot Ramen. I got 10 for $1 somewhere and now I know just what do with them! Geez, I don't even know if anyone here likes Ramen!

On top of my game said...

correction: for above

She also likes to tell me who the Queen Bees are in my social circles.

Mega Mom said...

I didn't see the movie, but I am haunted to this day by the fact that I was a mean girl. I amended my ways before it was too late, but I vow never to let my kids become this way.

Your daughter is the motts.

movin'mom said...

Okay mega mom OBVIOUSLY we are from a different generation.....what is MOTTS I only know it as applesauce ? And can you imagine the "MEAN GIRLS" if they saw that she struggled with cartwheels?????

I have got to read Queen Bees and wannabees, I saw at the beginning of the movie that it was based on that book. and oohh I hope I did not fall under the queen bees list of your friends.

kvetchblogger- I will crack up if your suburb starts with an N

rhonda- I also think that I learned from the movie that those girls have to work very very hard to keep up appearances,,,,,,I like that I was able to be myself in high school

tess- let me know what your nephews think -it is always good to hear the male perspective.


Chaotic Mom said...

Oh, I LOVE that recipe! I like ramen soup, and was looking for something to do with my recently retired coffeepot! ;)

And Mean Girls, I loved the movie. Even though it brought up a lot of bad memories from school days.

Boys can be mean, too, as I'm finding out with my sons. Fortunately, my oldest either ignores it, or doesn't know it's going on. I've been working hard to help keep his self esteem up, something I wish my parents had spent more time doing with me. He has a few really good friends, and I think that's more important than a schoolfull of buddies.

Just posted the next recipe challenge, cool prize...

Romancing Simplicity said...

Hey, I got to your site through Midwestern Mommy's and just wanted to say that after some reading, I really like what you've got going on here.

Also, that coffee pot ramen thing sounds like a college kid's heaven. I wonder if they've figured that one out yet!

Luckily, I avoided those horrible "mean girl" types in high school. I still don't really know where my mom went wrong steering my sisters and I away from them, but whatever she did, I'm very thankful. I'm sure that your daughter is going in a good direction and I hope that no "mean girls" ever disrupt her high school experience. Good luck with it =)

J's Mommy said...

I am worried about that for my daughter too. There are so many mean girls out there and you're doing the right thing by teaching her to stand up for herself.

Amy said...

Nah, my suburb starts with an "F"!

Nicole said...

Sometimes I feel very fortunate to have all boys so I won't have to deal with the catty mean girl thing. Boys may beat eachother up now and then, but other than that they are pretty simple and easygoing.

C. H. Green said...

It would probably work with instant oatmeal as well--just have to watch how much water you run through.

I was not popular in school, but I was pretty mean. Only in my case, it was to the boys. I guess I was too dumb to recognize flirting. LOL.

movin'mom said...

my guess is the oatmeal would be harder to clean afterwards. and as for the boys vs. mean girls you will still have to deal with it when the girlfriend things start!

Lisa said...

I remember watching Mean Girls. My hubby was all "No way. Girls can't be that mean." And I said, "Yes, actually they can. And while my high school years weren't spent being tortured by mean girls, my grade school and junior high years were."