Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

My Top 13 on a Thursday

13 favorite songs

1. Uptown (I'm Losing You)
2. Van Morrison (Into the Mystic)
3. Sugar Hill Gang (Rappers Delight)
4. Flipsyde (Someday)
5. James Blunt (Your Beautiful)
6. Etta James ( At Last)
7. Louis Armstrong ( What a Wonderful World)
8. Counting Crowes (Mr. Jones)
9. Sarah Mclachlan (I will remember you)
10. Dishwalla (Counting Blue Cars)
11. Staind (So Far Away)
12. White Stripes (We are going to be Friends)
13. Diana Ross ( Ain't no mountain high enough)


rhonda said...

Into The Mystic. The best song EVER :)

mar said...

I don`t know all these songs, but I love your nr. 7!! my TT is up!

Strong Enough said...

LOVE Staind! Great 13!

Mom101 said...

Okay, I'm a total loser because until the other day, I thought that You're Beautiful was Rod Stewart. C'mon, it sounds just like him...right? Right?

Amanda said...

Oh, #5, 7, and 12 are some o my favorites, too.

My 13 are up.

Emma said...

I love most of those songs! Will have to check out the others that I've not heard of.

movin'mom said...

MOM-101, okay I'll give you the fact that you are so not the first person who has said that to me. I guess the first time I heard the song was on his video so I just knew it wasn't ROD-you are younger than me though so I'm feelin' pretty cool that I knew that!! (it must be the teenagers in my house)

Mega Mom said...

I did not know. Could not have known. That you love Rapper's Delight. One of my ALL.TIME.FAVORITES. I totally should know all the words, but I only know the part about the chicken tasting like wood.

Can you make me a disc with it since I am incompetent?

movin'mom said...

I know all of the words

TNChick said...

I haven't heard all of those but I do know some of 'em :) My 13 is up.

jennster said...

omg, i am LOVING your list!!! love love love into the mystic... love lov elove at last.. shit, i love them ALL! GREAT LIST!

Master Enigma said...

What A Wonderful World is great. My sons both play the trumpet and I do as well. Last Fall we got the music for What A Wonderful World and played it together. It was a very nice thing.

I love the music of Diana Ross and Sarah Mclachlan as well.

My own 13 is humming along over at