Thursday, May 25, 2006

This Is Hysterical


Chaotic Mom said...

OMG I am laughing my hiney off! That was HILARIOUS! I'm forwarding this to my hubby. And showing my boys, too. AND I'm going to see if they've uploaded anything else on You Tube. THANK YOU for helping me start the day smiling. ;)

On top of my game said...

Seen it! I'm in the know!!!! Get back to edging!!!!


Sassy said...

mrs. c,
i told you i would comment one of these days. today was my last day of school, thank god. i still have finals though. it will be a long studying weekend. at least summer is on the way & then i can take G out, & do some girl stuff. i hope you guys don't move! but if you do... a pool would be nice for visiting. haha. that movie is funny. i think of k & t. k being the one with the tie & t being the t-shirt & pop can. haha. hope to see you soon!

love, sassy