Thursday, May 11, 2006

*UPDATE* My husband tells me I exaggerate

This was in my back yard today-the funny part is I always forget that my voice is being recorded.

Okay , Okay I know 50,000 is a slight exaggeration! But at least 8-10 for sure. I still get a little creeped out when I look at the picture because my first thought is rats on her back not possums.
I also had a good friend tell me to nickname her .......MOVIN" MOM.......... get it? hahahaha!


tess said...

FIFTY THOUSAND!!! WOW!!! That was really cool. You should suggest your viewers take some Dramamine before viewing.

Loved it!

Mom101 said...

"The fattest possum I've ever seen"? Hilarious. I think it's the only one I've ever seen. In fact I thought it was an armadillo at first. Stupid city girl.

Kvetch said...

OMG I thought it was an armadillo too. Of course, I thought, I'm SO smart, that's an armadillo, I'm SO smart. It's a possum. Who knew. I growed up a stoopid city gal too - uh huh - I did.

Nice to hear your voice!!!

Chaotic Mom said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS! "Movin' Mom", OMG! In your back yard?????

Hey, nice to finally put a "voice" to the profile pic. ;)

rhonda said...

WOAH!! We don't see things like that around our way :)

Mega Mom said...

That freaked me out. I can't believe you got closer!!!

I totally thought armadillo too, but I think it is because you are the shakiest camera woman EVER!

On top of my game said...

Loved the commentary, along with the video!!!