Thursday, May 11, 2006


I'm living a pretty chaotic life right now!

We are trying to get everything in our home in order. I of course have these visions of the finished product and don't put a whole lot of thought into the journey of getting there. FOR INSTANCE, my laundry room, when we bought this home it had country blue birds with little mauve hearts with a creamy background wallpaper!!!
The lower half was painted more of a mauve-y pink shade! It was all I could do to not hyperventilate every-time I entered the dreaded laundry room.

So one day (recently) I decided to rip that country look out-it was quite liberating until I realized how so much of it wanted to stay on the walls. Step 2 scour the walls and spray some DIF! Nope nothing- Hot water- Nothing. So I gave up- I moved everything back into the laundry room because lets face it- The dirty's were piling up. So I lived with the lining of old wallpaper for about a month- At least the birds and hearts were gone but that pepto-bismol pink was still staring at me. Of course when I looked at the laundry room My eyes saw a green apple/avocado color with a rich dark wood accent! I could even visualize the painting and shelves on the wall. And then reality set in..especially when my husband kept reminding me how I ALWAYS do this-meaning I bite off more than I can chew! So My husband would say if you finish stripping the walls I'll paint. COULD NOT DO IT!

So one day, my hubby offers my 14 year old $50.00 to strip the walls for us!
He jumped at the chance. A friend of mine said "I think you guys are underpaying him" probably but thats all he's getting. He's 14. He worked his fanny off. Day 1 Dif and scour, day 2 hot water and fabric softener, day 3, found him sitting at the computer with the search box stated "how to remove wallpaper quickly" It pretty much told him to repeat Day 1! Then My husband went to the hardware store they said "for those stubborn areas use bleach" a few more scrapes worked. however it was still covered in patchy tan liner everywhere. AND a 14 year old has no concept up picking up after himself. Day 4 Said 14 year old decides to sand down the walls to "blend" it all in. This of course covered the laundry room with powder on top of everything including the trash on the floor.
So I call a good friend and tell her my frustration. her response,
"Oh ...we have a wallpaper steamer!"
Well of course you do!

So I proceed to finish the job wondering if my 14 year old will get the 50 bucks after all.

I could not do it- this was a 2 person job and I did not have the muscle strength to do it. I did clear away a corner area. I felt that in reality my husband was trying to teach me a lesson. Because this is the first time he has not stepped in to help fix one of my visions. So yesterday I made the "loser" phone call.
I can't do it! It's too hard! My arms are killing me!
There was a sigh...
and then an "okay"
I'll do it!
...and he did"last night he got it all off...but if I might add when he walked out of there he was covered in sweat and said what a great workout that was for him. This is saying a lot because he used to be a powerlifter/body builder. So today I will wash walls and then primer and then paint.
So that my vision becomes reality.
Why doesn't my brain allow me to think of the journey?
I am in no hurry now because I have loads and loads of laundry waiting for me.


Nicole said...

We always get in over our heads and over budget for every DIY project we start! Now, whenever my husband says we can do it for X amount, in my head I add a thousand dollars and 3 weeks to his estimate ;-)

Good luck!

Amanda said...

Holy cow - this makes me really think twice about buying a home! So much to do! Sounds like a pain in the butt to do, but a great husband you've got to give in an help out like that.

My Thursday Thirteen are up, if you feel like stopping by!

Kvetch said...

Geez, some people will do anything to avoid doing laundry. LOL! Like me!!!