Tuesday, May 09, 2006



I love that Brian and his two sisters are a close knit family and are a part of a core group of friends alongside some spouses! What a rare find to have everyone clicks, and enjoy being around each other. I love that one husband went to help the fiance of someone else move while the friend dresses up for kids birthday party and everyone goes! What I do not like is the whole open marriage thing but let me remember it is TV!

This is how I feel about my core group of friends. They are amazing and I am truly blessed. I know without a doubt that I could drop my kids off on any of their doorsteps drive away without a word and they would take them in! (not that I would ever do that, but it's nice to know our friendship is unconditional) I would also do this for them. I love that we share the celebration of each others birthdays every year, I love that we all went on vacation together, 17 kids amongst us, no fights, no disagreements. no pressure! I love that if I need or they need an egg, basil, cup of milk, dog food, that we call each other before even the next door neighbor.

We all have a mutual respect for each other and I do find it rare that everyone loves each others husbands AND wives. NO OPEN MARRIAGES HERE!

So today I toast my friends (well it's too early for wine) but raise your coffee mugs, except for you Nicole I know you don't drink coffee so just raise your water.

I toast my friends, your friends and the ones we have yet to meet!!!!


rhonda said...

What a great post :)

Mega Mom said...

I was just going to e-mail you about this. I've been watching religiously and I'm loving it. I think only Rosanna Arquette is his sister though...

I don't drink coffee either. I did have a lovely dinner last night beyatch.

movin'mom said...

FYI- open marriage girl is also his sister! I have every episode Tivo'd!!!

Okay raise your H2O then.
El Presidente'
happy to hear your induction went well!

Chaotic Mom said...

Man, one thing I hate about army life is constantly moving, making friends like that and then leaving, again. I can't wait to settle and put good roots down, make some high quality pals like you have! ;)

Nicole said...

I love that show, too! And there's only one left until next season! I guess they were testing to see if it took. The only problem is how long can we see him chase her? If they ever hook up the show would be over..

Cheers to you!

Kvetch said...

Here! Here! Friends are the family one finds along the way.