Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I know you are all saying , "What is up with this chick and her wildlife?"

I agree...but...Okay this morning I was sitting at my computer which overlooks the backyard. Out of the corner of my eye I could see a bird flying low but lets face it, this happens all day long! Then a huge CRASH into the bricks of my house and a huge PLOP as it hit the ground. This bird hit the bricks that are right next to the window. I looked out and it did freak me out just a bit because of the whole garage scenario yesterday.

Didn't any of you see THE BIRDS?

So what do I do I grab my camera.

Then a HUGE Robin which we will refer to as BIG BIRD flies in next to our little crash victim which we will refer to as Robin Doe and starts pouncing him as if he were the neighborhood EMS. The Robin Doe then jumps up and he and BIG BIRD scope out the surroundings, Big Bird then proceeds to fly up to our deck post and I realize...
Big Bird is probably dad trying to teach Robin Doe, his baby, how to fly.

I sneezed

Baby Robin Doe takes flight and Big Daddy Bird follows.

Then their gone.

So I this a sign?

Bird trapped in garage while I and my son who will start drivers ed soon helps to shoo it away with a plastic baseball bat. The Baby Robin Doe has a head on collision into a brick wall while learning how to fly and I have been teaching my son how to drive and he doesn't even have a permit yet!

...or maybe this is all just a day in Mother Natures life and I need to go back to painting. Of course some of you may think that the paint is starting to affect my brain cells.


Mega Mom said...


I love the crashing metaphor. I'm sure N will be a wonderful driver.

I can't believe you let A call that poor boy. My brothers used to send me to sit in between my sister and her boyfriend when they were watching tv. They also got him kicked out of parties and used to yell "Arr arr arr DINO (think Flintstones) when he pulled up to the house".

D just asked me about birds getting inside. I won't show him the video, he'll be freaked out. You are silly.

You are also too sexy for the pool.

Mom101 said...

It's a sign! You will come into a huge sum of money.

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it)

Chaotic Mom said...