Monday, July 24, 2006


On Saturday my neighborhood had a picnic with lots of food and cocktails. It was a gorgeous day, blue skies, sun shining when suddenly the sound of angels bowling came out of the sky. Then came a shriek of lightning and before we could blink the downpour invaded our lovely day.

My husband grabbed our dog and 7 year old and ran home with the huge umbrella that I brought for the sun. I grabbed my daughter with a small borrowed umbrella and hit the road running. 7 doors down but it seemed a mile. We were drenched and cold. My daughter and I changed into our warm p. j.'s grabbed a blanket and began watching the movie DRAGONFLY with Kevin Costner. with about a 1/2 hour left in the movie my husband suggested we go back. The rain had subsided and the families who put it together went to a lot of work. So we went back for a few cocktails. This was the first time I had let her watch a movie that wasn't Disney/child oriented so I was enjoying the bonding time with her along with the jump scenes in the movie. It was quite comical to see her reactions. I was bummed that she had to finish watching it without me.

Next day, one of the families call and say they have so much of the food and cocktails left that they decided to try it again last night at 5 pm. We couldn't let it all go to waste. My family was the first to arrive . I looked up at the sky as we all joked about the rain from the night before. I was telling them about the movie DRAGONFLY. This is what I saw above our heads.

A little eerie I might say...but in a good way!


tess said...

I do that ... thing all the time!!! For me, it's like saying, ANYWAY... I love dragonfly's. I bought two really cute garden art things that you clip to a pot, but I hung them on a tiny trelles in a pot by my back door...they are like sun catchers...really capture the true there spell check on this thing? Your V. would have a field day with this message!! Ha Ha!!

Chaotic Mom said...

I have GOT to catch up with your blog! Are you moving now? Moved? Staying where you are?