Thursday, July 27, 2006


TECHNICALLY- I should have posted about this yesterday because it was the 26th!

For some reason, this number is significant in my families life.

I didn't recognize the constant of 26 even though I was aware of a few connections with the #'s 2-6-9-26-29-62-92

I became most aware when my father died at the age of 62 on 2-26 and was buried on 2-29, obviously a leap year!
My father was born on 6-26 and my 2nd born son who is a lot like my dad was born on 9-29-92
My dad also retired on the 26th.

Ironically enough, I always tend to look at the digital clock everyday at 6:26 and 9:29.
My 2nd born son who's legal name is Michael (we do not call him that) was born on St. Michael's day (the archangel) 9-29. He also shares a birthday with a very close friend of mine who was born on 9-29-62. I mean you can't make this stuff up guys!!
Also on my dad's b-day this year, again 6-26-06, my son had a water polo game. Hats are thrown at them at the beginning of the game out of a bag and you always have to figure out which kid is yours mid game.......

This was his best game of the year!

Also when my nephew came to visit, we took him to a White Sox game because we had suite tickets (only reason I went)
I was taking a picture for my mom of my kids with him and noticed that the suite number was 26.

There are so many more connections to name but..

Here's the thing...I decided to post about this on the 25th, while at a red light, on our way to Target. While telling my son; I look up...

My son and I were like NO WAY! I said, "Give me my camera!"

I know some may say I'm stretching on a lot of these things but as I have stated in the past I do not believe in coincidences,
I also don't think that I am a big numbers person-for instance-I am not out picking lottery numbers with every way of flipping the 26 around. I'm not trying to convince you that I have 4 kids and 6-2=4, I'm just sayin'...

WHY 26?

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Chaotic Mom said...

I WANT TO BE IN WI RIGHT NOW! Which area did you move to?

I drew the pic freehand, just ordered my Wacom. Can't wait to use it!!!!!

I'm playing around with Illustrator, Photoshop and GoLive right now. It's really hard sometimes, I couldn't do it w/o Hubby watching the boys. My metabolism is slower now that I'm older, and I think my brain cells are, too. ;)