Saturday, July 29, 2006


When we tell people we are moving to the Green Bay area, the first question asked each and every time is:

So are you going to become a Packer fan?
2nd question
Are you going to be a cheesehead?
3rd question
How do you think those Packer fans will feel about a Bears fan moving in?

I am sensing a theme, a pattern, a trend if you will...and it scares me...

My brother bought this shirt for a friend.
I had no idea my brother was a Green Bay fan!


me said...

i don't think they allow Bears fans in Green Bay..better look into that. you may be watching football in the basement, with doors locked, speaking in hushed tones. good luck

Chaotic Mom said...

My favorite bumper sticker growing up: "Two favorite football teams are the Packers, and whoever plays the Bears."

Sorry about that, but, you know where I'm coming from. ;)

Cool shirt by the way. HAHAHAHAHA! I think I went to school with that kids' dad.