Wednesday, August 09, 2006


3 days to go.

3 of my kids are at the lake with friends until tomorrow.

3 more loads of laundry and then I'm done.

3 hours to get to our new home.

3 cups of coffee this morning.

3 brownies I ate this morning.

3 lb.'s I gained from those brownies.

3 trees I planted in the backyard that I have to leave.

3 beds I didn't have to make today (kids slept with me)

3 times I have broke down this move (so far) from being overwhelmed.

3 more days until I move.


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

3 hugs to you
3 moments of good vibes to you
3 cheers for you
3 wonderful things waiting for you

juju said...

Chin Up my friend. You are awesome! You guys are in our prayers!!

Oh yeah, how'd the John 3:16 thing go over? :)

Mayberry said...

Good luck movin'mom! The dairy state will welcome you with open arms!