Sunday, August 06, 2006

St. Joseph

It was a hot humid day, not long ago, that I decided to step "out of the box."

We put the house on the market a few weeks ago, and I went out seeking a St. Joseph.

(here's the thing- I would normally never choose to discuss politics, religion or even controversial issues because I do not like confrontation-remember-I am a middle child...but I guess I will in this situation minus the politics)

I was raised Catholic, however I have always struggled with the whole saint thing. My philosophy is there's no need for a middle man. I just go straight to the Big Guy, and yet, there I was using my visa for a $6.99 three inch statue of St. Joseph.

After speaking to many people, I turned to the internet. Why doesn't the statue come with instructions? Many confirmed what I already heard, but it was 50/ 50 on whether to put it in the backyard vs, the front yard. So I started out in the front yard.

After 2 weeks, with no sell of the house, I asked my 13 year old son to dig him up and bury him in the backyard. My in-laws insisted that, this is why our home had not sold. My instructions to him were to go about 3 inches under ground, St. Joseph had to be upside down yet facing the house. (Tell me there are more crazy people out there who have done this)

I watched from the kitchen window. He and a friend worked pretty hard getting it all together. I thought was good because I also read that once the house sells, you are suppose to dig him back up, clean him up, and place him somewhere in your new house. I thought, this way I can still find him.

A couple of weeks go sell of the house.

Yesterday, we had an open house. We took the kids out to eat and while eating we were discussing how I could not believe that St. Joseph wasn't working, back or front yard.

My son starts to sheepishly smile.

"WHAT?" I ask.

"UHM...UHM....UHM....I kinda broke St. Joseph's neck when we were trying to bury him."

"WHAT?" I ask.

"UH...yeah....when we were trying to get him in ,
I kept ramming him down and now his neck is like this"
(he tilts his head to the left)

I look at my husband with complete disbelief thinking....
What could the punishment for breaking a saint neck be?

My house is NEVER going to sell!

...wait....refocus...cut out the middle man....go straight to the Big Guy!'s so easy to get off that faith track!

So today I told my husband to dig him back up and FIX HIS NECK! (just in case, you never know)

As for my son.....well I guess he has to do a couple of Hail Mary's and Our Father's

(just kidding)

Any Idea's?We are moving into our new home in 5 days....I'd like to be able and take my furniture with me.
(Thats a whole other post, my hub won't show the house empty, so we will only move with bare essentials)


Nicole said...

I've never heard of using a saint to sell a house...very intriguing...

I say just go straight to the Big Guy. But He might be a little annoyed you didn't trust Him over a plastic statue in the first place ;-)

I'm sure it'll sell! Hang in there!

On top of my game said...

Yes, you followed the correct directions, but your in big trouble, or Mr. 13yr old is for jamming St. Joseph into a hole! What was he thinking???

This wasn't the post I was hoping for.

The house will sell, it's the damn basement that has held the whole process up!


Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

We just did the same thing, and we say the prayer outside every day. We had our open house today, and there seemed to be interest from three different couples.

Oh I hope. I hear ya about the having two places to live. I signed the lease on my apartment July 28th, and honestly, can't pay rent AND a mortgage.


I hope your house sells soon :) Mine too :)

Julie C. said...

It works. I had a friend do this too. She put it in the front though and i remember something about the direction having to be a certain way, but she sold her house that week. Before that it sat for like a month and half.

By the way, I really need to talk to you. I know you are swamped, maybe a 20 minute conversation soon?
Call me.

Ellie said...

It's funny you make the same debate on religion that I had just discussed on my site in the comments.

Don't worry, your house will's a stale market right now. I work in real estate. What is working is offering closing costs and listing your house in the most popular local newspaper.

That is how we sold ours..45 days on the market, had to give 10k in closing costs..but we sold it and are in our new home..and ever so happy!

Thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

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