Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm Back

I guess I should say livin' in Mayberry.

This home is empty but full of love, the moving truck arrives in the last days of August.
but at least I have the internet now along with a phone and cable tv.

a quick update for all:

Our friends threw us a fabulous party at the pool, the night before we left. In the last 10 minutes of the party, right before the pool closed, my husband and I finalized the negotiations on the house!!!!


We were able to leave without the whole owning 2 homes thing hanging over our head! This means technically, it took St. Joseph 1 week from his reburial to come through.
Actually, I had just given up on him and was speaking straight to the BIG GUY. Which is why my philosophy rings true of


Now after reading comments, I was intrigued by mom 101's idea to perhaps reinvent the whole movin' mom thing.

Let's hear it sister....I am looking forward to any ideas, and anyone else's. I am also going to think on this.

Great to be back and catch up with you all!!


Mayberry said...

Hey, welcome!! And congratulations on selling the house. It's a good thing your son 'fessed up about poor St. Joseph.

If there's anything I can do to help--let me know. For pizza I recommend c----va's downtown. For Chinese, ew. Don't bother.

On top of my game said...

Ahh, Yes! Your back!!!! Been thinking of you!!!! I think maybe I'll post today in honor of you being back on line!


Anonymous said...

you always email to my work, not my home. do you still have the wowway account? I need to update your contact info.

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...

You rock. Congrats!

tess said...

I spoke directly to The Big Guy on your behalf also...that your move would go smoothly, that your house would sell, and that your new house would quickly become a home.

P.S. I need your new e-mail address.

On top of my game said...


I've been trying to upload an image from a post I created 8/20, and during the process the system drops me. I'm working on it.

Brick=Paris Hilton ----UGH! I don't get it!

Tell Tibor a lot of negative things are associated w/ a brick, Now, rock would be better.... solid as a rock...upon this rock you shall build my church... rock=solid foundation. But, Jessica Alba, better!

I'm off to drive the princess to school, tomorrow is her first day!