Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Party

I wish I had some pics to share..but I do not!

A couple of weeks ago
  • ontopofmygame & her hubby threw us a wonderful intimate dinner party before we moved.

    The evening started out with laughter when I burned them a cd of my "top 13 songs - one + more"
    She asked me to make it for her a long time ago and I kept forgetting. I thought this would be a great little hostess gift.
    I handed it to her as soon as we walked in, she thanked me and then opened it; I forgot it in the computer.

    We had a friend who was on his way stop by and pick it up.

    We had a new drink that another couple brought over that had HYPNTQ (sp?) in it with some Vodka and diet 7up.
    It was blue, refreshing & delicious. As we sat down to eat OTOMG's hubby prepared a phenomenal pork tenderloin. broccoli and sweet potato. Another friend brought an amazing dessert with chocolate covered strawberries on the side.

    We were just finishing up when OTOMG asked her hub-chef-guy to put in the cd.

    The next thing I know Hub-chef-guy came into the dining room, took my hand and said, "get in here, this is your CD!"

    This was at approx 9 pm.

    We danced and danced and danced.

    We girls did a little lip- syncing to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

    We all danced with our spouses and switched off to dance with each others spouses.

    OTOMG's daughter and her friend from Arizona came in to watch and kept saying they were going to video and call it


    Then the two girls decided to join in on the dancing and teach us all a few of the latest dance moves!

    We went from old school tunes like Etta James "At Last" to "Rapper's Delight" "Have you ev'a went ov'r a friends house to eat and the food jus ain't no good...I mean the macaroni's soggy the peas are mush and the chicken taste like wood. to "lean wit it POP...lean wit it Pop .....We all made our attempts and had a blast.
    Then two of the hubbies went to the other room to learn an entire group of steps with the two girls.

    We laughed and, laughed and laughed.

    Before we knew it it was 2AM!

    We did not stop dancing once during that 5 hour period.

    When I woke up the next morning, I was great- no hangover, just a little tired.
    When I woke up the day after that- I was hurtin'! My body was in shock from all the dancin'.
    ab's, thigh's, behind, feet, thigh's, and thigh's!

    I am very grateful to have such fabulous friends
    and I wish that I could share some of the video I have, but out of respect for the hubbies
    I won't.

    I am ready to go dancin' again though!

    On top of my game said...

    And a great party it was! I think I'll do some cuttng and pasting, and addd....some photos!!!

    On top of my game said...

    Are you busy unpacking or making cherry pie, hmmm or maybe cherries jubilee????

    Go see the pictures and video on my blog!!!!